Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Ultimate Affordable Christmas Gift - For Her

The Ultimate Affordable Christmas Gift - For Her

Whether you plan your christmas shopping way ahead since November The Black Friday; or the last minutes shopping because you been busy.  We all have the frustrations of getting the right christmas gift. A gift that’s almost perfect without breaking the bank.

Every year around the holiday seasons, I always gots a lot of personal and not so personal “emergency call” as their personal gift shopper. Comment questions such as:

“I don’t know if the receiver will like it or not?”
“What if the gift is not good enough?”
“Will the receiver even use the gift?”
Or the worst “What if she/he hates it, and re-gift to other people?”.

My first question always is: How well exactly do you know the person(receiver)? And base on the observations, we will start from there, which will take us to the right direction of choosing the right gift.

For families, the significant others and friends, you can easily find the trace of what they like and dislike: Makeup, art & craft, house furniture, food/tea, etc. And base on the judgments, give something what they really need. But there’s also other situations were for a company secret santa, you happens to get the person that you don’t know much, or you just don’t like them. With that, Social Medias such as Facebook “stalking” will helps you a lot. A picture speaks thousand words. You can give simple judgement base on if that person into outdoor activities or something more settle down such as favorite celebrates or movies.

Because gift(whether from christmas, birthday, valentine’s day or anniversaries) doesn’t have to be super expensive to win that person’s heart. It is the considerate and being thoughtful that count.

Two of the most memorable scenes from my all time favorite Tv show Friends, where Chandler gave Joey’s girlfriend Kathy her favorite childhood book as a birthday gift, which was very hard to find in the market- from :38-2:45( Or when Ross gives Rachel an antique pin that she mentions lightly when they pass by the antique shop a week ago. Rachel was all tear up when she unwrap the present and saw that because she said “aww, he remember!”( Those two moments had touched my heart every time when I watched the show. Because it shows a gift don’t have to be millions bucks, but as long as that person is being considerate.

I had listed one of my top five favorite holiday gift items that’s affordable and useful. I hope you guys will find that useful, and I wish you all have a joyful and memorable holiday!

Stay fashionable. Stay elegant

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Down Jackets Fashion Report

Down Jackets Fashion Report

As the weather getting colder on each months; one of the must have fashion pieces I recently found very fashionable: Down Jacket. Not only it is super comfortable, but also very stylish. With a particular piece, I call it “the good looking cocoon”. It is almost like you are wearing the most comfortable comforter that keeps you warm besides having them in your bed.

I used to very dislike them, just because down jacket are just so puffy, and it is really on my way. I felt like a Sumo(those big Japanese wresters) every time when I am wearing them. Sure they are nice and warm, but it is so puffy that nearly it became very inconvenience. So I choose wool jacket over down feather jacket. But with a city like Chicago, let’s be honest, wool jacket only can take you so far.

Until last year, I got this dark navy +Michealkors down jacket, which I love very much. Is thin, is fashionable, and it comes with a small traveling bag for the jacket(I think is one of the best part that comes with a jacket. Because when I dine out, especially to the Chinese restaurant, the bag is perfect. Because down jacket can absorb the smell very quickly. I love to eat Chinese food, but I don’t want to smells like one. Thus, every time when I dine out for Chinese, I will fold them in the small traveling bag. It might seems be a lot of work, but trust me, it is totally worth it).

Tips For Wearing Down Jacket:
When purchasing a down jacket, feel like body. Make sure the feather does not comes with the long hard feather quills. Understand all the down jacket will all have feather quills, but those higher qualities will use the fine tiny quills.
You get what you pay for- You might think some down jacket are ridiculously expansive, but be honest, unless you are choosing the luxury brand. Normally, you can find a good quality down that comes with an affordable price between the price range of $130 to $300. They will last you at lest a good 5 years.
Notice the feathers will poke out here and there. The solution is to put them in your dryer with 2-3 tennis balls, or a big towels, or couple pairs of socks that fold in a baseball shape. Once the leather got expand from the hot temperature, it won’t come out that easy anymore.

-Stay fashionable. Stay elegant. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

What To Wear To : My Thanksgiving Party

Holiday Outfit Ideas- Thanksgiving

First thing first- Happy Thanksgiving To All My Readers Out There!- Thank you for your support and your time to read my blog. It means a lot to me - Your views and LIKEs has been my motivation to share my thoughts and to write more.  

Nevertheless, I believe Thanksgiving is a holiday to reflect, to think about who and what we need to appreciate and thank for. To the fact that during this time of the year, families and friends gathers together and celebrate a holiday of appreciations. I can not be more thankful to my families and friends for their support through out the year. 

For this holiday, I had created three sets of holiday outfits that I highly recommended. Perhaps it will inspires you to wear to a family thanksgiving dinner, or a fancy Friends-giving brunch that you will also attend.

Personally, when I go to a party(gathering) like this, I do not hesitate to stuff myself. Because really, eating is the fun part. Therefore, I always choose to wear something lose, such as a cute top that have a lot of room in it, like a lose fit sweater, or a peplum top with a leather pant or a good pair of pant/jeans are always flattering. Or if there's a fancy Thanksgiving party besides family and friends that needs to attend, I will recommend a cute skirt with a sparkle jewelry top. And that my friends, it is how I "unbuckle" myself without really doing it. 

Gable Gable~ Hope you guys will have a wonderful thanksgiving!

-Stay fashionable. Stay elegant. 


Holiday Outfit Ideas- Thanksgiving by lili-he featuring a harvest wreath

Friday, November 14, 2014

Update Your Look: Got Gloves?

Update Your Look: Got Gloves?
Not everyone a winter person. Because let's be honest, the painful part of dealing with the ice cold weather is the hassles we have to go through- to always caring extra fabrics; ruining makeup(“Ahem” ladies); or warm hands in the cold weather.

Sure, snow weather can be romantic and fun, but when it comes to a heavy pile of snow constantly falling from the sky; and just happened you are rushing to work and/or school. It doesn’t sound so romantic anymore does it?

Which in the fall/winter season, I like to accessorize myself with hat and gloves. In this cold season, I strongly recommend one of the must have winter accessory: Glove. For this week, I picked five not-so-boring glove elements which I would invest a pair or two to my wardrobe. Hope you all will love it

- Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.

Clockwise: +MaisonMichel “Mikaela”gloves, +Prada Beige Jeweled Leather Gloves, +Burberry “House Check” Gloves, +THOMASINE gloves Twisted Wrist Deco Glove, +Portolano Contrast Quilted Leather Tech Gloves.      

Friday, November 7, 2014

We Fall For: Faux Fur

We Fall For: Faux Fur

Faux Fur is always a very flattering fashion piece and a must have fashion elements. Compares to the real fur, with the technology right now, I always choose the faux over the real because animal should not have to pay for the price to become our accessories. With that being said, I love the texture and the bold color, which is why faux fur are likely to being wear in the fall/winter season. However, many people are very iffy about wearing faux fur material because they are just way too fancy, and have no special occasion to wear to. In that circumstance, if you want to go just a bit out side the box, consider just wear SOME fur (such as scarf, coat with fur element, etc.) instead the  full body.

Style Tips: Since faux fur are strong and bold:
- consider match with a leather piece such as cuff, earring, handbag and/or boot
- accessory such as gold or silver are always great to go to
- when comes to scarf, consider material such wool or knit
- hat - that goes the same as the scarf

Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Must Have Fall Element: Leather Pant

Fall outfit

Fall outfit by lili-he featuring a black hat

Leather pant is always one of my favorite fall fashion pieces which I highly recommend for the semi-cold season. It's so flattering with the winter coat, cute top and a brim hat or a beanie. Is a look with a combination of rock and famine. Usually, black is the regular basic color for leather pant, and to be honest, it is a safe color that you can match with different elements. But, fashion is all about change and to wear something fun and sharp. For this year, if you notice in the shelf of many fashion boutiques and stores; maroon red, dark evergreen and wash grey are quite popular.

Just like many of the readers out there, I am very conscious whether or not my body shape will pull it off the style; which I rarely buy the regular non-stretch leather pant. And as mater of fact, I am not a huge of fans of those non-breathable tide tide pant. But, thanks to the revolutions the fashion industry. Many leather pant are made in four-way stretches materials. Or if not, at least they are two way stretches. My personal favorite is the front made in faux leather, but the back are made with spandex fabric, just like one of my leather pant that made by +Vince Camuto. Super easy to put on and easy to maintain.

Stay fashionable. Stay Elegant.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Costume Elements

Halloween Costume Elements

Halloween Costume Elements by lili-he featuring a leather crossbody bag

Fun fact: October 26 is the National Pumpkin Day. I smells the pumpkin pie already.  

I hope I am not the only "growth up" who is excited about Halloween. I mean is the holiday of candiesssss for the love of god! But most importantly, Halloween is the day that we can be someone else. Perhaps someone who has been inspires us- a movie character or a celebrity who's very bad axx. Or a funny cartoon character that you always want to be. Whether is the sexy version, the classy version or the scary version.

My point is October 31st is the day that we can go out side of the box. But, as working for corporate and/or companies that requires dress in business professional. Disappointingly, we have to limit ourselves- only to dress all out after work. So for this week, I combines some of the Halloween elements into the business attires. I guess in a way, we can always cheat a little bit. The trick is to use the main color and play around with it. Take Hulk for example, we all aware when he got angry, he turn green, but still have his purple short on. So to apply to the business attire, I used the green and purple element and apply to the business outfit. That goes the same with The Black Widow and Wonder Woman. 

I personally like the super heroes elements, because all the colors are very strong and powerful. And I am all about feminism and empower woman. So to combine the super heroes colors/elements in the business attire, is actually very doable for any other days besides Halloween. Hope you all will have a very adventures holiday. Please feel free to leave your comments if this tips are useful or even there're something you will do differently. 

-Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.  

The Fall Element - Bold and Gold

The Fall Element - Bold and Gold

The Fall Element - Bold and Gold by lili-he featuring a green knee length skirt

For this week, I would like to share some of the fall colors that I strongly recommend. And that is the bold color family group- Such as maroon/sangria red, Forest(dark emerald), Indigo(dark navy), and Eggplant purple. 

Because of the fall season, the arrives of the cold weather allows me to change not only the material but also, my choice of colors automatically switch from extra bright to semi-dark color tone. The reason I believe those colors are perfect for the season due to it brings out the fun and elegant personality to the everyday style. Of course, I am a big fans of black, white and grey. But fall is all about using some of the summer elements and to combines with the cold weather style. Which my choices are in the transition between seasons.

When wearing those colors within the warm color group, it is import to always remember have a balance color crossover. Such as to match the Sangria with dark purple, black, grey/silver, or a beige blouse can be very elegant. And as for the forest dark emerald color, since it given its yellow undertones, the shade can actually be wear with some of the brighter color such as teal, darker orange, metal silver; or just to be safe, you can't go wrong with brown. 

For all the fall colors that I just recommend, I strongly suggest to pair them with a bold statement shoes and accessories. There's no doubt I deserve the title of being The Boot-coholic, just as +jessicasimpsonVEVO said: The boot are made for walking. Because boot are just so flattering and chic that can be easily match with different styles. And a pair of knee high boot with a wool pencil skirt are always a killer look. 

Last but not least, gold accessories are just perfect for the fall season. The color is heavy and strong. Which a nice rose gold watch and/or a very elegant long gold necklace with simple design are perfect with the fall outfit. Personally I don't have too much gold accessories pieces, because it is very tricky when it comes to shopping for such a strong accessories. I actually know a girl who crazy about ANY jewelry that comes in gold color. She's a size 4 type of girl, and to be honest, I always very doubtful of her tasted when it comes to jewelry shopping. Imagine, as a girl who's petite and like to put on huge heavy gold pieces, it was unbearable. Keep in mind that a nice gold accessories don't have to be over dramatic, because it will take the shine out of you. I used to heard a very famous quote from this foreign fashion designer: Let the cloth suit you, not the other way. 

- Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pink October

Miss Pink

Miss Pink by lili-he featuring stud drop earrings

Welcome October! 

If, you happens to past by downtown in many popular cities, such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc. You will notices many buildings happens to change to pink color (by using pink/red light bulls of course). And that's because October is the breast cancer awareness month. It is extreme important that we raise the awareness of the danger of breast cancer, as well as many women and men out there that got effected and suffers from the breast cancer. 

According to the data from Susan G Komen, base on the 2012 's data, there're 1.7 millions breast cancer new cases had diagnoses that year. Moreover, breast cancer took 40,000 life away. Some of my friends mom are and were actually the victim of the disease. But fortunately, because of the advance technologies and medicines. Almost all of them had cure and went back to their normal life. And as for some of them, unfortunate and sadly, they did not make it. So with all my respects, I sincerely dedicate this page to them.

Life is too short to be hateful, to be sad about our past, or being angry to those who hurt us. Remember, those who truly care about us, your families and friends. Love them like there's no tomorrow.-Stay elegant, stay fashionable. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Element - Wrap Skirt

Fall Element - Wrap Skirt

Fall Element - Wrap Skirt by lili-he featuring short skirts

Wrap Skirt: A statement fashion piece not only very feminine, but also, sophisticate for all four seasons-as long as you match with other right fashion pieces. 

No complain that as far as for the first week of fall, Chicago has been wonderful. Nothing but a stable sunning 70s weather. A warp skirt will make a perfect flattering day to day fashion piece that could be wear in many different occasions. Thus, I had chosen six skirts as references, which they all have a strong print and pattern, with fashion pieces like that, all we need is a pair of ankle boots or knee high boots with a simple top or blouse to complement with, because you don't want too much interaction going on in one look.

I personally love the wrap skirt style a lot-especially those with the length that alight right in the mid-thighs. Because I am no Victoria Secrete model body. In fact, I been raise as a swimmer, so for an A line skirt style would be perfect for athletic body shape like mine. Not to mention, for girls who have very less curve, Oh yea, this style works like magic. - Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.     

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Falling For Fall

Happy autumn~ today is the first day of fall. Meaning, the season of layering is finally here! As a winter baby, personally being in a cold weather was something quite pleasant. As much as I love to wear my favorite flower print skirts/dresses and sandals; explored different local shops; and the nature sun bath with the cool lake breeze. However, the humid feeling of summer can be a very unpleasant part of the season- that is what I call “the summer time sadness”. And for that, I am ready to move on to my favorite season compares to other threes.

As I was mentions earlier, fall is all about layering. Therefore, every year during this time, I will re-organize my closet, wave goodbye to MOST of my summer outfits and pull out my sweaters and jackets. The beauty of the fall season is that you can still wear some of your favorite summer pieces such as cute tan top with a light sweater and jean. Or a short denim jean pair with a cardigan and ankle boots. Both of the styles are absolutely flattering and stylish. As a big fan of dresses and skirts, cold weather did not stop me for keep wearing them. But rather, I choose heavy and thicker materials such as wool, heavy silk, polyester- fabrics that have a less air regulation.

For the next few weeks, I will share some of my favorite all time fall styles. Some are my day to day basis styles, and some are using the trendy elements from the 2014 fall season. As well as I am preparing a new column regarding health and “nature beauty secrets”. I hope you all are as excited as I am!  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Holiday Reflection- An Egg-cellent Easter Egg-perience

I believe the concept behind Easter is to memorial the unconditional love of Jesus to the civilization. He sacrifices himself for other without expectations. And as for me, I received a great Easter gift from god today, a gift that allows me to feel the joy from helping people. And here’s the story:

So I found an almost brand new Samsung phone today by the beach; I turn on the phone, and there’s a picture of a dad and two kids. Normally, it will be such a convenience to keep it. But I understand the frustration of losing a phone, just by thinking of it, it sounds like a nightmare already. So I choose to find the owner and give it back to him. Long story short, the phone was lock, so I have to wait for somebody to call back in order to reach for the owner. Luckily, the wife call back, she brought the whole family with her and meet me up. When I gave her back the phone, the joy on her face and her families was priceless, she said a lot of “thank you” and tried to give me money, but I told her I didn’t do this for any return, and so I rejected her generous. Nevertheless, I just want to use this opportunity to express my appreciation to god for giving me this opportunity, and to remind me that stay being nice is not a bad thing; even thought perhaps some people may call me a fool, but I believe “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  

Beauty are not only the apparel, but also come from the soul. Besides, who's the one that judge what and who's perfect. As long as a person who's not selfish, he/she who always considerate; that's a true beauty.- Stay fashionable; stay elegant. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

People's Choice Award-Fashion Review-All About That Color Blocking

There's nothing more than I love about watching TV awards. Oscars, Grammys, MTV, Golden Globes.....(you can name it). I mean come on, watching our favorite TV characters in their "best" look, what's not to like. Of course, in every awards, there're always ups and downs. For Oscar and Grammy, celebrities are going all out, and for people's choice and Golden Globes, I would consider the "normal" side of them. And for most of the music awards such as MTV, is a great opportunities for celebrities to show their silly side.

With People's choice, here's my top five that totally worth to point it out. It seems obvious as far as for this year, is all about color blocking. My favorite dress of the night: +AllisonWilliams with her dress by +DavidKoma totally kill it! All I am saying is as for ladies, we really don't have to show our twins in order to be sexy. What so flattering about this dress is the geometric lines that sat perfectly on the shoulders and the waist line, not only the dress looks super sharp, but also, it do the trick-by making any big girl looks petite and have a longer body proportion . Not to mention that the jersey fabric is great with different body shapes.

Detail is everything! To determine whether a dress is high quality or not, one thing that many fashion experts will look is the hem-line. Hem-line is very important, is like when a hot dog bun without the hot dog(or with a very bad quality hot dog. yuck!). In here, +SandraBullockBlog wear a very flirty print piece finish with a nice clean cut in the bottom.

Color blocking is super playful. However, unless we have kick-axx body like +Naya Rivera, other wise color blocking with white right on the hip is quite a risk choice. Just like +Shakira Mebarak said: Hips Don't Lie. But I would go for a darker color right on the hip for bigger waist girls who what to look a little slimmer. Take note from +Beth Behrs, white dress is tricky, but if you happens to have bigger hip line, choose something loose starting just below the waist line. It is absolutely elegant and flattery. -Stay elegant; Stay fashionable.