Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Costume Elements

Halloween Costume Elements

Halloween Costume Elements by lili-he featuring a leather crossbody bag

Fun fact: October 26 is the National Pumpkin Day. I smells the pumpkin pie already.  

I hope I am not the only "growth up" who is excited about Halloween. I mean is the holiday of candiesssss for the love of god! But most importantly, Halloween is the day that we can be someone else. Perhaps someone who has been inspires us- a movie character or a celebrity who's very bad axx. Or a funny cartoon character that you always want to be. Whether is the sexy version, the classy version or the scary version.

My point is October 31st is the day that we can go out side of the box. But, as working for corporate and/or companies that requires dress in business professional. Disappointingly, we have to limit ourselves- only to dress all out after work. So for this week, I combines some of the Halloween elements into the business attires. I guess in a way, we can always cheat a little bit. The trick is to use the main color and play around with it. Take Hulk for example, we all aware when he got angry, he turn green, but still have his purple short on. So to apply to the business attire, I used the green and purple element and apply to the business outfit. That goes the same with The Black Widow and Wonder Woman. 

I personally like the super heroes elements, because all the colors are very strong and powerful. And I am all about feminism and empower woman. So to combine the super heroes colors/elements in the business attire, is actually very doable for any other days besides Halloween. Hope you all will have a very adventures holiday. Please feel free to leave your comments if this tips are useful or even there're something you will do differently. 

-Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.  

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