Sunday, March 10, 2013

Suite Your Face With The Right Fame

The Shape Guide 

For The Gentlemen  

Fashion is all about trend, and from the last couple years in the glasses industry, shape has happened in a big revolution, from the oversize big round shades to the square shape that happened last season. And with every frame, there’re always somebody looks great and somebody looks bad on it. A person I used to know once told me: “my face look weird with any shape.” Which I strongly disagree, not only his face is not weird, but also, no face is weird enough to a point were it can’t pull off any shape. So this week, I would like to share some frame thought with you all.  

Choosing the right frame could be very difficult even for ladies. I saw a lot of people have some great face shapes that have potential to complement with some nice frame. However, many times people choose the wrong frame, and many thinks “there’s never a right frame for me”; “my face shape is not mean to be with any frame”. Well I don’t think so, here’s my advise, choosing the right frame is like dating, sometimes you believe you will never meet the right person because you may happens to meet all the wrong persons. But deep down you still hope there’s a right person are waiting for you, and you know if you keep looking, he/she will come to your life soon. And you may learn from parent and buddies, just keep looking, because there’re plenty of fish in the sea. And we all know process is always difficult, which just like choosing the right frame for your face, keep trying and don’t give up. 

To start, first: know your face shape. This is so important, and which people should understand first before trying any frame. Whether you are square or round, oval or heart; knowing your face shape is like knowing your pros and cons in dating, what should you brag about and what bad quality should you cover up. When you look over The Shape Guide, it gives you a measurement of your face, what kind of frame shape should you choose and celebrities’ examples that you can use as references. Myself is a round face, so I like to choose frame that have gentle curve, such as cat eyes. I personal are fans of  ChloĆ©, frame looks very high quality and I love how it suit my personally very well.  

Remember, don’t hesitate to try any frame but first must know your face shape. And keep in mind, there’s no such thing that “all glasses make me look ugly”. You just have to understand yourself better and find the “soul mate for you face”.  – Be fashionable; Be elegant.