Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pink October

Miss Pink

Miss Pink by lili-he featuring stud drop earrings

Welcome October! 

If, you happens to past by downtown in many popular cities, such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc. You will notices many buildings happens to change to pink color (by using pink/red light bulls of course). And that's because October is the breast cancer awareness month. It is extreme important that we raise the awareness of the danger of breast cancer, as well as many women and men out there that got effected and suffers from the breast cancer. 

According to the data from Susan G Komen, base on the 2012 's data, there're 1.7 millions breast cancer new cases had diagnoses that year. Moreover, breast cancer took 40,000 life away. Some of my friends mom are and were actually the victim of the disease. But fortunately, because of the advance technologies and medicines. Almost all of them had cure and went back to their normal life. And as for some of them, unfortunate and sadly, they did not make it. So with all my respects, I sincerely dedicate this page to them.

Life is too short to be hateful, to be sad about our past, or being angry to those who hurt us. Remember, those who truly care about us, your families and friends. Love them like there's no tomorrow.-Stay elegant, stay fashionable. 

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