Friday, November 14, 2014

Update Your Look: Got Gloves?

Update Your Look: Got Gloves?
Not everyone a winter person. Because let's be honest, the painful part of dealing with the ice cold weather is the hassles we have to go through- to always caring extra fabrics; ruining makeup(“Ahem” ladies); or warm hands in the cold weather.

Sure, snow weather can be romantic and fun, but when it comes to a heavy pile of snow constantly falling from the sky; and just happened you are rushing to work and/or school. It doesn’t sound so romantic anymore does it?

Which in the fall/winter season, I like to accessorize myself with hat and gloves. In this cold season, I strongly recommend one of the must have winter accessory: Glove. For this week, I picked five not-so-boring glove elements which I would invest a pair or two to my wardrobe. Hope you all will love it

- Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.

Clockwise: +MaisonMichel “Mikaela”gloves, +Prada Beige Jeweled Leather Gloves, +Burberry “House Check” Gloves, +THOMASINE gloves Twisted Wrist Deco Glove, +Portolano Contrast Quilted Leather Tech Gloves.      

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