Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Must Have Fall Element: Leather Pant

Fall outfit

Fall outfit by lili-he featuring a black hat

Leather pant is always one of my favorite fall fashion pieces which I highly recommend for the semi-cold season. It's so flattering with the winter coat, cute top and a brim hat or a beanie. Is a look with a combination of rock and famine. Usually, black is the regular basic color for leather pant, and to be honest, it is a safe color that you can match with different elements. But, fashion is all about change and to wear something fun and sharp. For this year, if you notice in the shelf of many fashion boutiques and stores; maroon red, dark evergreen and wash grey are quite popular.

Just like many of the readers out there, I am very conscious whether or not my body shape will pull it off the style; which I rarely buy the regular non-stretch leather pant. And as mater of fact, I am not a huge of fans of those non-breathable tide tide pant. But, thanks to the revolutions the fashion industry. Many leather pant are made in four-way stretches materials. Or if not, at least they are two way stretches. My personal favorite is the front made in faux leather, but the back are made with spandex fabric, just like one of my leather pant that made by +Vince Camuto. Super easy to put on and easy to maintain.

Stay fashionable. Stay Elegant.

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