Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection

In the fashion industry, there are a lot of famous fashion brands and they been in the fashion industry for quite some time. Such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Mcqueen, Dior and of course Yves Saint Laurent; which I am always a big fan of the brand. YSL is one of the fashion brands that still maintain their style and quality. It is always been elegant and ladylike; with each season, YSL always surprise us by using new material and add some new fashion element that are ladylike.

Just like the current 2013 spring season, YSL use a lot of ruffle, organza, bow and chiffon in dresses and blouses. This element brings a spark to the collection. All this dresses and blouses are semi-see through, the trick with see through fabric is they can cover the odd spot (such as having a bigger waist), which the fabric will make your body proportion looks longer and slimmer.

Not to mention, the accessory collection are ladylike but yet playful; the dark oversize hat that cover quarter of the face create a magical illusion, it actually made the actual size of the head seems smaller. Also, long tassel necklace teams with bohemian dresses, tassel with black wide belt works great together, is not just chic but also bold.

Move along, the spring collection is not entirely girly, but it had inspires by the boyish style. The blazer are using straight shoulder (by apply a thin shoulder pat); this brings a confidence and independent personality into the outfit. Last but not least, jackets are inspired by the western cowboy style; with some half cut packet and some leather piece as the major element. Obvious is a drama series and we expected to see more the summer collection with the same spirit.

Side Note:

If you notice, I always mention the word "elegant", and here I ask, what’s elegant to you? I could not express my strong emotion enough to people who gives an odd Fashion Comment of “a girl that wear a cheetah coat with black over knee boot and bright red lipstick” is elegant; Very interesting. Well, that doesn't seem elegant to me, but surely is a “wild one”. 

Find The Right Make Up Tools For Your Skin

Be honest, I am not a big fans of make up due to the reason of all those chemicals that will harm your skin; but make up are necessary, when they(the boys)said they prefers girls with no make up; Trust me, it don't mean that! What it really mean is that they prefer make up that looks natural, which mean use the basic make up are require, such as mascara; lipstick (nude or light pink); foundation or BB cream (love it, it is so thin and give you a natural look), just something that can cover those dark circle and bags; my point is go as nature as possible. 

In this case, tool for your makeup are very important. In order to have/create a perfect look, we need the right tool to make that happen. Different types of skin and foundation should use the right type of makeup brush. Some brushes are softer and some are bit thicker. With the soft one, it don't absorb much liquid as the thicker one, when you don't need too much foundation in your face, go with the thin tool. Lately, egg-shape sponge are in trend, it is much better than the original rectangle shape sponge; the egg- shape sponge not only it have a better cover to the hidden angle, but also blend very well with foundation.

I personally has try and became a big fans of those egg-shape sponge, it gave me a very smooth skin when I wake up and look like a nightmare. However, the disadvantage is I can’t clean the sponge once I am done; so for people who like to be green and recycle, I have to make some sacrifices, which is why I still use make up brush. 

You can always find good make up brush in a good deal and low price, and it will give you the same effect as the super expensive brand like Chanel or Lancome. Of course, if you want to invest to yourself because you work your butt out all the time. Go for it. But keep in mind, always use the right tool and right brush will give you a stud natural look. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Watches

There used to be a time were watch is part of the must have accessory. As time goes by with the new century of technology, phone had replaces the function of watch. However, myself are always a big fans of watch, I believe watch is the accessory that can bring the elegant and give you the sense of wisdom to your outfit (yes, sense of wisdom- means that other accessory like purse, necklace, bracelet can't give it to you, well, perhaps some glass frame, my point is, watch is something that made you look smart.)

When I wear a light blue or just a simply plain white shirt, with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, put my ponytail on, and a pair of sneaker; all I need is a classic black leather strap watch to complete the casual outfit look. Nothing too fancy, BUT definitely a head turning look, it is something just refresh and a style that never get old. Of course, feel free to throw an oversize men's watch with those office shirt, the watch magically gives you a power and energy.

As we know, spring and summer is the flower season, everything is blooming and colorful, which Neon will match the seasonal spirit. With a neon color watch, it’s a good combination for a sporty look, a dark color hoodies or a simple t-shirt became a fun piece together. Is funky, but yet girly.

However, sweater is a tricky piece since it can be wear with different combinations. When you want a lady like look, a leather strap(keep in mind choose a light color to go with so it won’t look award) will made a good combination; for example: peach pink, lavender, light green, or a baby blue sweater, you want to go with a skinny strap than a watch in a overwhelming size. And if you have a super funky look sweater, feel free to put a neon watch to match that pop look.   

Just keep in mind, always choose wisely when come to watches, because watch is not only just a functional accessory, but also a fashion statement that represent your personality and your identity. - Be elegant, be fashionable. (Picture provided by WhoWhatWear.) 

Monday, January 21, 2013

The OMG hair DNA

Beautiful hairs play a huge rule to complete a remarkable fashion statement. As I notice, there’re many times as I walked on Michigan Avenue, many ladies have some nice hair styles but the hair condition is a total nightmare. Part of the reasons is either from perm, flatting hair, hair dye and of course, people always end up chose the wrong hair care product. Not to mention, if the weather condition are not friendly and uncorroborated. For example: Chicago, were the weather are always dry and windy, is hard to keeping up and having nice hair all the times.  

Anyway, as I read over one of my favorite magazine during the past weekend “Fitness”, I found a very interesting personal quiz about our Hair DNA (condition), which I would love to share with my fabulous and beautiful fans like YOU.  

As I took this quiz myself, standing in the bathroom with a bowl of water for a good half hour. Turns out my hair is FINE DAMAGE, which I believe I DO take care my hair pretty well (trust me, I did!). This quiz is quite amazing and I have a better understanding about my hair. I hope you will have a lot of fun with this quiz and please feel free to share your experience and tips if you do have some nice healthy hair(would love to know your secret) or if you have damage hair condition like me, you are not alone, and I hope this is the solution for your hair.

Direction: As you look at the very first image, it is a hair quiz, which all you need is to provide couple of your hair (please, don’t pull your hair out, outch! Just take those hairs from after brush; 2-3 is good enough) and a bowl or container. Just follow the instruction in the hair quiz, in the end of the quiz, you will found out the current condition of your hair, if their absolutely healthy, or a total emergency. Base on the result, the quiz will tell you what kind of hair care product can improve the hair condition.  

- Be elegant; Be fashionable

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fashion Quote of The Month

Love this fashion attitude! You can conquer the world when you wear something that make you feel great. - Be elegant, Be fashionable.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trend Report-Belted Outerwear

Sometime we DO need the belt to complete our giant jacket. In the last winter coat week, Burberry uses belt as one of their fashion element. A belt can make a great separation for your body length. For example, if you have a long body with a shorter leg(proportion wise), a skinny belt for your upper body with a above knee jacket is perfect. Not only it will make your leg look longer, but moreover, you will look skinnier. Keep in mind to use the belt wisely, skinny waist are great with giant belt, but if you have a bigger waist, make sure use same color belt with your coat and a skinnier belt. -Be elegant,be fashionable. (Picture provided by WhoWhatWear.)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Standout Looks For 2013

With 2013 new fashion trend, it is all about play around with the pattern. Calvin Klein and Dior are using sheer fabric with touch of glitter(sequin) and sheer with 3-dimension pattern. To start the year of 2013, animal print are still been using but not as popular as in the past fall. But mostly designers are using line to create a bold body structure.(picture provided by WhoWhatWear.) - Be elegant, Be fashionable.