Monday, April 21, 2014

Holiday Reflection- An Egg-cellent Easter Egg-perience

I believe the concept behind Easter is to memorial the unconditional love of Jesus to the civilization. He sacrifices himself for other without expectations. And as for me, I received a great Easter gift from god today, a gift that allows me to feel the joy from helping people. And here’s the story:

So I found an almost brand new Samsung phone today by the beach; I turn on the phone, and there’s a picture of a dad and two kids. Normally, it will be such a convenience to keep it. But I understand the frustration of losing a phone, just by thinking of it, it sounds like a nightmare already. So I choose to find the owner and give it back to him. Long story short, the phone was lock, so I have to wait for somebody to call back in order to reach for the owner. Luckily, the wife call back, she brought the whole family with her and meet me up. When I gave her back the phone, the joy on her face and her families was priceless, she said a lot of “thank you” and tried to give me money, but I told her I didn’t do this for any return, and so I rejected her generous. Nevertheless, I just want to use this opportunity to express my appreciation to god for giving me this opportunity, and to remind me that stay being nice is not a bad thing; even thought perhaps some people may call me a fool, but I believe “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  

Beauty are not only the apparel, but also come from the soul. Besides, who's the one that judge what and who's perfect. As long as a person who's not selfish, he/she who always considerate; that's a true beauty.- Stay fashionable; stay elegant. 

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