Thursday, January 9, 2014

People's Choice Award-Fashion Review-All About That Color Blocking

There's nothing more than I love about watching TV awards. Oscars, Grammys, MTV, Golden Globes.....(you can name it). I mean come on, watching our favorite TV characters in their "best" look, what's not to like. Of course, in every awards, there're always ups and downs. For Oscar and Grammy, celebrities are going all out, and for people's choice and Golden Globes, I would consider the "normal" side of them. And for most of the music awards such as MTV, is a great opportunities for celebrities to show their silly side.

With People's choice, here's my top five that totally worth to point it out. It seems obvious as far as for this year, is all about color blocking. My favorite dress of the night: +AllisonWilliams with her dress by +DavidKoma totally kill it! All I am saying is as for ladies, we really don't have to show our twins in order to be sexy. What so flattering about this dress is the geometric lines that sat perfectly on the shoulders and the waist line, not only the dress looks super sharp, but also, it do the trick-by making any big girl looks petite and have a longer body proportion . Not to mention that the jersey fabric is great with different body shapes.

Detail is everything! To determine whether a dress is high quality or not, one thing that many fashion experts will look is the hem-line. Hem-line is very important, is like when a hot dog bun without the hot dog(or with a very bad quality hot dog. yuck!). In here, +SandraBullockBlog wear a very flirty print piece finish with a nice clean cut in the bottom.

Color blocking is super playful. However, unless we have kick-axx body like +Naya Rivera, other wise color blocking with white right on the hip is quite a risk choice. Just like +Shakira Mebarak said: Hips Don't Lie. But I would go for a darker color right on the hip for bigger waist girls who what to look a little slimmer. Take note from +Beth Behrs, white dress is tricky, but if you happens to have bigger hip line, choose something loose starting just below the waist line. It is absolutely elegant and flattery. -Stay elegant; Stay fashionable.

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