Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oscar 2013 Red Carpet View

After finish watched Oscar, those dresses are so gorgeous and full of excitement. This year, red carpet is all about wearing simple and neat. Strapless with long flawless bottom is the dresses trend this year. Actor like Jennifer Garner in +GUCCI and Zoe Saldana in Alex Mabille are using big wave and multiple layers. 

Talk about the winner of Oscar 2013, Ann Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence are both wearing light pink nearly nude peach color. Nothing too overwhelming or trying too hard. My girl Ann Hathaway with her +Prada dress that's business in the front and party in the back kills it, absolutely fun and flirty. And in deed, diamond are girls best friend, Ann Hathaway prove this quote again with her Tiffany diamond necklace; just stunning and elegant. 

Move forward, the new Oscar girl Jennifer Lawrence took home with the main female actor award. Her Dior Haute dress is just simple but yet very ladylike, and a drop back long Chopard necklace draped down her back create a long talk body proportion. Maybe is not a dress that's convenience to walk around but it is definite a remarkable dress for event like Oscar.  

Age is just a number, Sally Field prove us no matter what age you are, you can still looks great and gorgeous. She wear a bright red Valentino Couture gown, ear drop diamond earring and pull back hair style just sophisticate and stunning. Young girl will looks good in everything, I mean literally EVERYTHING(of course nothing too bizarre). And Sally shows us as long as you have the personality that can pull that style dress, no matter what age you are, you will still pull that off.

There's always hit and miss in the award; I can't say this year is all good, but majority, female actors know what they want and how to accomplish the look. -Be elegant; Be fashionable. 

*Next blog, we go to talk about the perfect sunglasses shape to suit your face for ladies and gentlemen. Yup, I got you boys, I know that guys need to look hot and sexy like girls too. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

February Fashion Tips

Style always come and goes. In last month, it could be all punk and rock, and next month is all about lady like and Victoria age vintage style. No matter what's the trend. As long as it fit your style and you look good on it. That's all matter. 

This week, I found this in +Who What Wear; is a February fashion tips that I would like to share with fashionista like you. Tips is all about adding extra something (personality/unique element) to your outfit and made you look not boring. I personally love something just simple yet one of a kind, a outfit that make people turn around and ask you where do you get that outfit from. Not gonna lie, is a good feeling, because you pull that off. And with this week's fashion tips, I hope you guys find it helpful as well. 

*Don't forgot to watch Oscar this Sunday, I can't wait to see those gorgeous dresses in the red carpet - Be elegant. Be fashionable .

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

London Fashion Week

Is Furrrr Time

 Designer from Left to Right: J.W. Anderson, Christopher Kane, L'wren, Mulberry

Sleeve Queen
 Designer from Left to Right: Roksanda Ilincic, Eom Ford, Erdem, Peter Pillotto, Mary Katrantzon, Mulberry

Neck Is All Matter
Designer from Left to Right: J.W Anderson, Giles Fall, Erdem, Peter Pilotto, L'Wren, Mulberry (Images are provided by +Harper's BAZAAR )

London Fall fashion week is full of excitement, is playful, but yet a bit conservative. London Fall fashion week is all about focus on every little detail; from the sleeve, neck and choosing the fabric. I found the differences between the America style and the Europe style is that American fashion designers are all about change fabric material and color according to the trend. Which compares to the Europe designers; they are all about changes the clothing detail. When I compares the New York fashion week to the London Fashion week (LFW), New York is all about applying different fabric material, we can always understand where the fabric trend goes and what fashion lovers prefer with the material wise. And I had come to a conclusion that small geometry print will be a big hit coming up in America.

While material is what matter in the America Fashion industry, however, I do prefer the Europe Style (Italy, England, Milan); were is all about the fashion detail. I personally is a fans of the Europe style, not that I don’t like the America designer, trust me, I love comfortable material and it is one big important element in a fashion piece. In order for a designer to create a high-end fashion collection, the design/style is important, but also using the right fabric is the key. But I love the detail in a dress because it brings the dress a character. Like this London fashion week, I put them in three categories: the sleeve, fur element and the detail in the neck.

If you think fur is out of the trend, NOPE, they are still here. But instead to use fur as the main character in the fashion piece; this year, fur became an accessory as a highlight for the outfit. So is all about mix and match. LFW used wild print in the body but solid color fur in the shoulder, this became an interesting duet. Like fashion designer Christopher Kane, use military print and mix with solid light yellow brown fur as a settle element.

How can we miss the turtle neck when it comes to the Europe fashion style; many designers had used turtle neck and applied details in the collar to create a lady like style. It is no doubt an elegant and sophisticate element in all time. A collar with playful detail can save you so much time for try to wear a match accessory with your outfit.

Maybe London is not quite playful as the America designer, but they surely know what are the element will be needed.-Be elegant; Be fashionable.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Fashion Quote

    Here's our February fashion. To all the Coco Chanel fans out there. - Be elegant; Be fashionable

Friday, February 15, 2013

New York Fashion Week

   The Simple Style
    Designer from Left to Right: Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstemberg, Vera Wong, Belstaff, J.Mendel, Lela Rose

                                                                                The Funky Neon
 Designer from Left to Right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Ohne Titel, Chado Ralph Ruci, ICB

                     The Pattern Highlight  
Designer from Left to Right: Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberrg, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Derek Lam, Juan Carlos Obando (images from +Harper's BAZAAR )

This week is all about the New York fashion week. With all the glam and fresh fashion style, I had breaks down three sections: The Simple Style, The Funky Neon and The Pattern Highlight. Each style is so different but yet each had one common touch: is all about the detail.

Less Is More- this quote became a fashion inspiration for a group of fashion designers in this New York Fashion week. In the Simple Style Session, just like usual, Calvin Klein keep it simple, nothing to overwhelming the audience. Their styles are always clean and straight forward. Which this is what made CK unique that we will knowledge the sewing quality rather a dress that’s all over the place. Not to mention, in this time, Calvin Klein use some new elements by putting different fabric pieces together whether just one big fabric. 

With cutting of the skirt, compares to last year was above the knee, but this season, many designers are using the old dress style that’s either right on the knee or over the knee. Finally! Is about time to bring back the over knee skirt style. I personally think is just ladylike and for a lot of lady, we are not satisfy with our knee, because either it is darker than the leg that looks extremely obvious or there's scarf (at least I wish mine can be better). Anyway, the over knee dress/skirt will solve that kind of problem.

Move alone, as always, no surprise the Neon coming back this season since the summer season are coming soon. Pop colors are always welcome. Let’s face it; Neon is such a funky and a girly color to play with. Who said big girl can’t rock Neon like that? Designers like Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta had expresses their love to Neon; both uses those funky fabric pattern and combine with neon to make the style extra standout.

Last but not the least: The Pattern Highlight. Strong geometry shapes never gets old. As designer prove their fashion piece to us: Pattern is the key. Unlike last year, were the geometry shapes are exaggerates in the fabric. In this NY fashion week, designer like Diane Von Furstenberrg and Derek Lam are using small polka dot and heart shape for a three-dimension illusion. - Be elegant; Be fashionable  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looks Guys Love & Hate

Celebrity's style may not be your style. yes, they look amazing and stunning, and no matter what they wear: pj or hoodies, they still look stylish and fashionable. Of course, we all want to look fabulous like our favorite celebrity. However, keep in mind we have to understand just because they can pull that style doesn't mean you do. For example, fashionista are inspired by the runway style, they seek the new fashion trend and pick up the element then imply in a real life. Notice: runway is a fashion forecast of what's IN right now, but doesn't mean you can wear the exactly same outfit as the runway. Perhaps in the runway you will see a lot of crazy fabric patterns going on, and the model's makeup is like makeup exaggeration, please, nobody should wear like this on the street. Well, I think I just made my point across.

Anyway, I always encourage people to try new thing, new outfit, new hairstyle and new look. Because trying new things is a very exciting experiment, of course there’s ups and downs side. The new look mind turns out horribly like a celebration of an early Halloween, or you never know, it could be a unexpected fresh look that you totally pull it off. I believe I wasn’t the first one to feel like this, but sometime when I walk in the street, I saw a girl with the hair style that I could never think of, or a nail polish color that I may hesitate about it, but they totally pull it off and look great! Admit it, I want to be that girl too.  

This week, I found an article about Looks guys love & hate. Of course, is not all about how guys see and feel about us, but is good to know what they think about it. And personally, I found them useful, most of them. Article talk about nail color- what guys think about it; the hair style from fish tail to bangs; and the real meaning of “no makeup”.

As I state earlier, just because one can’t pull that off, doesn't mean you too. Go ahead, give a try! Maybe you will become the diva of the style. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb Fashion Quote

            Just another great fashion quote to share with my fabulous followers. - Be elegant. Be fashionable.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Hottest New Hues

I would like to share a nail section that I read from the fitnessmagazine this week. It is quite useful and knowledge especially from the Nail 911 section; let's face it, girls paint their nail is like boys shaves their face, it doesn't have to be too technical about it but it does require some of the basic knowledge. In this nail section, there’re some great nail tips about nail breaking, peeling to advises of having a better nail shape. And of course, the exciting nail polish color trend that’s going on right now, which I would like to first share with you guys.

In this spring season, Oceanic Blues which is turquoise and purple blue are something fun to play with; with ladies who’s not a big fans of bright color, this two color will be something new to try, it is a bit conservative but yet a very high-end color to put on. If you are fans of nude color, this season the creamy Nudes which is orange and nude that carry a creamy base will be a very lady like to put on, is simple but sharp. When it comes to a spring season, my must go color is always pink (light pink, bright pink), which pink fans like me are very exciting with the floral Pastels: that's a light purple and pink that brings a blossom color in the spring, it is so girly and looks great with skirt and dresses.

I am sure I am not the only one who had this problem; every time when I wash my hair, the nail posh begin to chip and starting to peels out. It is extremely frustrating and annoying, not only the nail polish have a shorter life, but more important, it does not look good. So I invent this idea, I wouldn't say brilliant but it works great if you want a longer nail polish life, which is GLOVE. Yes! Sounds funny right? But it work! Just put the glove on, and voila, wash your hair with pair of glove, I can guarantee your nail polish can last 3 ~ 4 days more. I hope this will solve your nail polish problem and look forward to heard your experiences.  – Be elegant; Be fashionable.