Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Must Have Fall Element: Leather Pant

Fall outfit

Fall outfit by lili-he featuring a black hat

Leather pant is always one of my favorite fall fashion pieces which I highly recommend for the semi-cold season. It's so flattering with the winter coat, cute top and a brim hat or a beanie. Is a look with a combination of rock and famine. Usually, black is the regular basic color for leather pant, and to be honest, it is a safe color that you can match with different elements. But, fashion is all about change and to wear something fun and sharp. For this year, if you notice in the shelf of many fashion boutiques and stores; maroon red, dark evergreen and wash grey are quite popular.

Just like many of the readers out there, I am very conscious whether or not my body shape will pull it off the style; which I rarely buy the regular non-stretch leather pant. And as mater of fact, I am not a huge of fans of those non-breathable tide tide pant. But, thanks to the revolutions the fashion industry. Many leather pant are made in four-way stretches materials. Or if not, at least they are two way stretches. My personal favorite is the front made in faux leather, but the back are made with spandex fabric, just like one of my leather pant that made by +Vince Camuto. Super easy to put on and easy to maintain.

Stay fashionable. Stay Elegant.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Costume Elements

Halloween Costume Elements

Halloween Costume Elements by lili-he featuring a leather crossbody bag

Fun fact: October 26 is the National Pumpkin Day. I smells the pumpkin pie already.  

I hope I am not the only "growth up" who is excited about Halloween. I mean is the holiday of candiesssss for the love of god! But most importantly, Halloween is the day that we can be someone else. Perhaps someone who has been inspires us- a movie character or a celebrity who's very bad axx. Or a funny cartoon character that you always want to be. Whether is the sexy version, the classy version or the scary version.

My point is October 31st is the day that we can go out side of the box. But, as working for corporate and/or companies that requires dress in business professional. Disappointingly, we have to limit ourselves- only to dress all out after work. So for this week, I combines some of the Halloween elements into the business attires. I guess in a way, we can always cheat a little bit. The trick is to use the main color and play around with it. Take Hulk for example, we all aware when he got angry, he turn green, but still have his purple short on. So to apply to the business attire, I used the green and purple element and apply to the business outfit. That goes the same with The Black Widow and Wonder Woman. 

I personally like the super heroes elements, because all the colors are very strong and powerful. And I am all about feminism and empower woman. So to combine the super heroes colors/elements in the business attire, is actually very doable for any other days besides Halloween. Hope you all will have a very adventures holiday. Please feel free to leave your comments if this tips are useful or even there're something you will do differently. 

-Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.  

The Fall Element - Bold and Gold

The Fall Element - Bold and Gold

The Fall Element - Bold and Gold by lili-he featuring a green knee length skirt

For this week, I would like to share some of the fall colors that I strongly recommend. And that is the bold color family group- Such as maroon/sangria red, Forest(dark emerald), Indigo(dark navy), and Eggplant purple. 

Because of the fall season, the arrives of the cold weather allows me to change not only the material but also, my choice of colors automatically switch from extra bright to semi-dark color tone. The reason I believe those colors are perfect for the season due to it brings out the fun and elegant personality to the everyday style. Of course, I am a big fans of black, white and grey. But fall is all about using some of the summer elements and to combines with the cold weather style. Which my choices are in the transition between seasons.

When wearing those colors within the warm color group, it is import to always remember have a balance color crossover. Such as to match the Sangria with dark purple, black, grey/silver, or a beige blouse can be very elegant. And as for the forest dark emerald color, since it given its yellow undertones, the shade can actually be wear with some of the brighter color such as teal, darker orange, metal silver; or just to be safe, you can't go wrong with brown. 

For all the fall colors that I just recommend, I strongly suggest to pair them with a bold statement shoes and accessories. There's no doubt I deserve the title of being The Boot-coholic, just as +jessicasimpsonVEVO said: The boot are made for walking. Because boot are just so flattering and chic that can be easily match with different styles. And a pair of knee high boot with a wool pencil skirt are always a killer look. 

Last but not least, gold accessories are just perfect for the fall season. The color is heavy and strong. Which a nice rose gold watch and/or a very elegant long gold necklace with simple design are perfect with the fall outfit. Personally I don't have too much gold accessories pieces, because it is very tricky when it comes to shopping for such a strong accessories. I actually know a girl who crazy about ANY jewelry that comes in gold color. She's a size 4 type of girl, and to be honest, I always very doubtful of her tasted when it comes to jewelry shopping. Imagine, as a girl who's petite and like to put on huge heavy gold pieces, it was unbearable. Keep in mind that a nice gold accessories don't have to be over dramatic, because it will take the shine out of you. I used to heard a very famous quote from this foreign fashion designer: Let the cloth suit you, not the other way. 

- Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pink October

Miss Pink

Miss Pink by lili-he featuring stud drop earrings

Welcome October! 

If, you happens to past by downtown in many popular cities, such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc. You will notices many buildings happens to change to pink color (by using pink/red light bulls of course). And that's because October is the breast cancer awareness month. It is extreme important that we raise the awareness of the danger of breast cancer, as well as many women and men out there that got effected and suffers from the breast cancer. 

According to the data from Susan G Komen, base on the 2012 's data, there're 1.7 millions breast cancer new cases had diagnoses that year. Moreover, breast cancer took 40,000 life away. Some of my friends mom are and were actually the victim of the disease. But fortunately, because of the advance technologies and medicines. Almost all of them had cure and went back to their normal life. And as for some of them, unfortunate and sadly, they did not make it. So with all my respects, I sincerely dedicate this page to them.

Life is too short to be hateful, to be sad about our past, or being angry to those who hurt us. Remember, those who truly care about us, your families and friends. Love them like there's no tomorrow.-Stay elegant, stay fashionable.