Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Element - Wrap Skirt

Fall Element - Wrap Skirt

Fall Element - Wrap Skirt by lili-he featuring short skirts

Wrap Skirt: A statement fashion piece not only very feminine, but also, sophisticate for all four seasons-as long as you match with other right fashion pieces. 

No complain that as far as for the first week of fall, Chicago has been wonderful. Nothing but a stable sunning 70s weather. A warp skirt will make a perfect flattering day to day fashion piece that could be wear in many different occasions. Thus, I had chosen six skirts as references, which they all have a strong print and pattern, with fashion pieces like that, all we need is a pair of ankle boots or knee high boots with a simple top or blouse to complement with, because you don't want too much interaction going on in one look.

I personally love the wrap skirt style a lot-especially those with the length that alight right in the mid-thighs. Because I am no Victoria Secrete model body. In fact, I been raise as a swimmer, so for an A line skirt style would be perfect for athletic body shape like mine. Not to mention, for girls who have very less curve, Oh yea, this style works like magic. - Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.     

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