Friday, November 7, 2014

We Fall For: Faux Fur

We Fall For: Faux Fur

Faux Fur is always a very flattering fashion piece and a must have fashion elements. Compares to the real fur, with the technology right now, I always choose the faux over the real because animal should not have to pay for the price to become our accessories. With that being said, I love the texture and the bold color, which is why faux fur are likely to being wear in the fall/winter season. However, many people are very iffy about wearing faux fur material because they are just way too fancy, and have no special occasion to wear to. In that circumstance, if you want to go just a bit out side the box, consider just wear SOME fur (such as scarf, coat with fur element, etc.) instead the  full body.

Style Tips: Since faux fur are strong and bold:
- consider match with a leather piece such as cuff, earring, handbag and/or boot
- accessory such as gold or silver are always great to go to
- when comes to scarf, consider material such wool or knit
- hat - that goes the same as the scarf

Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.

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