Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas For Family Members We Loves

Christmas Gift Ideas For Family Members We Loves

I am always a huge fans of holiday. Even thought many people are so not a big fans of it, due to many reasons, such as the hassle for travelling back home; prepared for the huge family dinner, and/or buying the "perfect" Christmas gift. And let's be honest, those really are not the fun parts of holiday. But no matter what, Christmas is a great holiday for reunion, to get our beloved families and friends together that we may haven't seen in awhile. And the fact that getting everyone sitting around the table, have a cup of nice wine, some great hams; and talk about the great things that had happened to them it is absolutely worth all the troubles and hassles. 

Personally I believes Christmas is a great holiday to shows our appreciations through gifts. When it comes to being a great gifter, the person should be very thoughtful. I personally believes a great Christmas gift does not have to be expansive, but must be thoughtful! Yes, I am sure dad would be happy to get an ipad air, or mom get a Chanel bag; but in the same time, dad maybe barely have the chance to use any high tech, or mom understand the bag is very expansive so she decided to keep it in her closet only. 

In the past, I had gave many gift advises (for Christmas, birthday, valentines's day, some even for anniversary-tsk tsk tsk, seriously?). To start the whole process, the first question I always ask is what do they like; what's their current job occupation; daily habit; personality and so on, thanks to those marketing courses I took from school. My advice is to take some good notes and observations, what are they into and what do they need. Such as for those whom always cold, can't go wrong with apparel(jacket, gloves, hats, warm socks); and for those who like to exercises(gym membership, gym apparel, message certificate). The main point is just be thoughtful, because that's the point of Christmas and holiday, to let the receiver know that you been thinking about them and how much you care. 

It has been an amazing year, I wish nothing but the best to my blog fans and thank you guys for being such a great supporter. Happy holiday to you all and may you guys have a great Christmas! 

Christmas Gift Ideas For Family Members We Loves by lili-he featuring a travel satchel

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fashion Rules That We Can Re-considerate

Some said: RULES are means to be broken. Well, that really have to depends on the circumstance. In the fashion world, there're many rules that are builds with a reason. Such as you know you shouldn't wear a lot of layers if you are not the super skinny girl, because that just make the body looks bigger. Or, if we want to look smaller(in illusion), highly suggest wear print that are bigger, because big print(flowers, geometry shape) can take away the attention of your body shape; this rules are not something should break.

Then of course, we also have those old rules, some are just sounds ridiculous. Recently, I found an article from WhoWhatWear website, it discusses the 14 Rules You Should Break, which I found very interesting and useful, and I think we can totally reconsider! My top four favors are "Mix Print Looks Messy"; "Shorter Girls Can’t Wear Midi Skirts"; "Your Belt and Shoes Must Match" and "Horizontal Stripes Add 10 Ponds".

- "Mix Print Looks Messy"- as long as we avoid to wear with other crazy print fabric, and keep them in the same color family. Mix print are absolutely durable and fun to wear to a girls night-out.

- "Shorter Girls Can’t Wear Midi Skirts"- it will be unacceptable if a shorter girl wear the midi skirts in a suit, which covers from head to toes. 2013 is the years of midi skirts, it is an elegant event party piece that many celebrities choose. As WWW suggest "Choose eye-catching heels and a more fitted silhouette", and shows a little skins, it will look absolutely flirty and ladylike.

- "Your Belt and Shoes Must Match"- Whatttt?!? since when's this is unacceptable?

- "Horizontal Stripes Add 10 Ponds" - I personally are definitely not those super skinny girls, and when it comes to horizontal stripes, I choose carefully for my collections. Therefore, I never wear those skinny horizontal stripes by itself, but it looks super fun when I wear my black and white stripes with my leather jacket, the print totally rock the whole look.

Hope this will be useful and don't be afraid to try any possibilities. - Stay elegant; Sta fashionable.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


One of the reasons I adore about fall is that the weather is great for layering. I can always put an ankle boot with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a cute summer t-shirt and a fall-color sweater over, not to mentions, some statement accessories of course; it save me so much time for a typical busy day or a “lazy”-day(well, you know what I mean).

However, ankle boot are starting to fade away as the weather gets colder on each week. We always want to stays warm and stays fabulous 24/7, and therefore, I am introducing a bold fashion piece that fashionista need to be best friend with: the over the knee boot.

What we love about the boot is that they are great for girls who like to wear skirts (pencil, mini, A-line, circle can name it.)in the fall/winter seasons. The other benefits with over the knee boots are that they’re perfectly cover our awkward knees; it creates an illusion of a long-legs proportion. I mean in the end, is it that’s the point of fashion?

My opinions are always have a pair of black; black is the king in the color circle, it goes with many possibilities and styles. A note from that, a pair of nude leather is even better, the nude that match with your skin tone are just magically done a great job, and it goes with almost any color you wear. (Sources provided by WhoWhatWear) – Stays fashionable; Stays elegant.   

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Block Color Fall Jacket

Block Color Fall Jacket

Block color are always one of my must go #fall/#winter#style choice; they're such a fun combination because it allows us to get out of our comfort zone. And it is one of those grab and go pieces from my closet, which I got to admit I got many #black#white and#grey color, and with block color, it makes the whole#outfit very different and standout.

Block Color Fall Jacket by lili-he featuring a black top handle handbag

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nail That Accent

As I go over the InStyle July issues; I can not help to share this nail polish idea with you all. Well, it wasn't anything new with the mix and match polish color; however, fall is a good time to mix the summer color with the winters.

Gold, glitter, silver, all the heavy medal colors are a good time to take it out from your nail polish collection. Just remember to mix with something lighter to balance out. Not to mention, since October is the breast cancer aware month, pink is everywhere, and as always, pink are my top color choice. For examples: for events that's more serious such as job interview, I normally choose the light pink; for the summer, when I got my awesome tan, I just adore my hot pink. And my new favor is the glitter pink from OPI, to make it more interesting, I first applied the glitter pink for all my fingers, and for both of my ring fingers, I uses the Nicole White or Black crack texture nail polish on top, so not only the pink glitter brings the excitement, but with the crack texture, it add a personality to it to make it interesting.

Hope you guys find this useful. -Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

My Top 12 Emmy Fashion List

From left to right: Heid Klum, Sofia Vergara, Kerry Washington, Constance Zimmer, Julianne Hough, Kaley Cuoco.

From left to right: Laura Dern, Robin Wright, Anna Gunn, Michelle Dockery, Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic.

Last night’s Emmy was full of excitement. The main part that I love about the award is of course the fashion: those fabulous gowns and the amazing hair styles our favor celebrities put on. I can’t wait to share with you my top 12 favor gowns.

Red seems like the popular color of the night for many actress. Take a look of  +Sofia Vergara  and +Kaley Cuoco; both dresses are designs by Vera Wang. Layers of organza and laces are not only very famine but also elegant. My only concert is “what sup with Kaley’s eye browns?” – Because it seems like something missing and make her looks unnatural. 

In this award, I would like to say my girl  +Heidi Klum barely had let me down with her sense of red carpet style. The wine-red sequence dress fits her body perfectly and the cutting of the dress is just simply fabulous. *What so unique about making the sequence dress is that since the material is so thick, it is very tricky to create a dress that fit smoothly with the body; which I give a lot of credit for this dress.(Trust me, I know this material pretty well since mom make 25 of those sequence dresses before, and it wasn't fun to watch and help making it)

You mind wonder, where's Julie Bowen's pink dress? because it is definitely a head turning dress.And let me just say that I actually really wanted to put that pink dress in my top 12. The dress was gorgeous, and it is a dress that pull herself together. However, the sewing quality of the dress can do better, but many people wasn't aware the importance of the sewing quality.

Last, hair style is something that complete the package. I believe the best hair of the night should goes to +Maria Menounos Hough, I mean come on, how can we not love her fishtail on the side?  It is a wise decision to put hair on the side with gown, it create a feminine personality that just goes well with long gown, and of course, it made your face look smaller, who doesn't want that?  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fashion Trend: Southwest Style

Fashion Trend: Southwest Style

Fashion Trend: Southwest Style by lili-he featuring elastic headbands

Fashion designers such as +Ralph Lauren, Barbara Bui and +mara hoffman has their spring/summer 2013 collections, and it is all about the southwest style. 

So why is the southwest style is in the trend? simple reason: southwest print are full of strong geometry patterns and fun colors, which all we need to complete the outfit is a simple denim bottom, or a plain color to match a unique pattern, vice verse. Not only the color is perfect for the summer season, more over, it looks like you really put some times to dress up but it is really not. - Be elegant. Be fashionable.

*Between end of June till mid of July is a great time to do some spring, summer clothing shopping , most of the stores are doing a half annual sale. So, now is a great time to empty the closet, see what we have and what need to add on our fashion collection. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sandals match with its color

Sandals match with its color

Sandals match with its color by lili-he featuring oscar de la renta

Our summer officially started the Friday that just past, so hello summer~ And of course, we love to wears our favorite sandals in this hot season; not only our feet needs a summer break, more over, perhaps summer is one of the only time to show off those to gorgeous sandals and heels. 

However, do you think you nail polish "Nail it" with your sandal? This question sounds a little funny, and which, I know we all have that lazy moment, it is hard to keep on track to wear a match/complement toe nail color with our favorite sandals. Because let's be real, ain't nobody got time for that. But if you have the right color with your favorite sandal, you will receive so many complements. I guarantee!!

With my past experience, I would like to do a fashion review on which nail polish with go with the right sandals, so that you can show-off your gorgeous sandals more often. :)

Neutrals sandals: This group pretty much go with any colorful colors. Personal preference: spring and summer color will be perfect; since neutrals is semi-dark, and with the summer happy color, it will bring the season flavor out.  

Metallic: Since this group is a  hard cord metal with a twist of rock flavor, it is strong and powerful. To complement with this group of sandals, shimmery color and a deeper tone will be great. Safe bet: glitter gold or silver can't go wrong. 

Candy Color: It is definitely a must have summer color. I adore this group of sandals a lot, because it is just fun, pop and girly. I can wear this group of sandals with just a simple white dress or a white-T and jeans. When wearing this group of sandals, the perfect nail colors will be any relate candy color such as white, egg yolk yellow or teal. Avoid any dark color, because it will only make your toe nails looks dirty, ewww.

Black & White: This group is a safe set; not only it goes with many different outfits, but also, it is very convenience to find its complement nail polish. Just keep in mind, stick with either something dark but with sparkle, or bright color such as red.  With black and white, it always looks classy and ladylike.  

Hope this is helpful and have a great summer!-Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fashion Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

During time to time,there's always a must see fashion movie. Such as my all time favorite My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn; all those fancy glamour gowns and oversized hats are just breath taking. And my other favor movie:The Devil Wears Prada, not only Meryl Streep is one of my favor female actress, but, this movie have a great inside about the fashion industry. 

After watching The Great Gatsby, even thought many people had told me this movie was just fine. However, since I am not a total nerd which major in English, or film study ( but bravo for those who passion about literature). Which I have no professional opinion about the movie editing. 

Which, without a doubt, The Great Gatsby is a must see fashion movie in 2013. What interests me about the movie is that the main character Daisy Buchanan( played by Carey Mulligan) had over 20 outfits through the movie, which mainly designed by the head designer from Prada and costume designer from Moulin Rouge. 

From the movie, majority of the accessories with head and hand piece are full of sparks and glamorous  I was helplessly in love with each pieces.Not to mention, jewelry sponsor are by Swarski; they are so detail and unique. I personally are a hat person, which their hats are very flattering and not overly fancy. One of my favorite head accessories are the one from Jordan barker( play by Elizabeth Debicki); the little grey hat with a diamond pins with it. Please, if you got a chance, watch The Great Gatsby to get inspire. If you love glamour fashion, you will love this movie.  

Note: If you really love the old vintage style and was inspired by the great Gatsby. Summer is a great time to do some vintage and antique shopping. I strongly suggest go to the Chicago Randolph street market that held all summer long. Also, a local thrift shops for some vintage hunting not only can save you a buck but you mind be surprise there're will be some hidden treasures waiting for you. Hey, just like Macklemore(the singer who sings Thrift Shop) said: is not a bad idea to have your grandpa's style. - Be fashionable. Be Elegant. 

Day Time Gatsby Style

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion Report- Roberto Cavalli

This week, after watched couple of the fashion runway shows, Roberto Cavalli really had caught my eye. It was very refresh after view those pretty summer pattern. To me, I think it was a right amount of print. Summer season should be full of colors. And the reason I think Cavalli did a great job is if you look at the collection, style are very simple and straight forward, which is in a right among.

When wearing a very colorful pattern, style don't have to be over fancy. Because here's the thing, each dress or outfit should have it's own special quality/personality, it can be just the print, or the style(Either or). If an outfit have too much unique elements, in the end, there will be nothing special about it, because each quality will try to stand out. So even if you are doing a mix and match by yourself, a colorful print top should match with simple pant or skirt or vice versa. I had applied my marketing knowledge into fashions that consumer will only remember one of your special quality(which we call "niche")when selling/promote a certain product, therefore, if there're too many special quality, that means there're nothing special about. Aren't they interesting? - Be elegant; Be fashionable.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nothing But Sneakers

Nothing But Sneakers

Heels are a symbol that represent feminine. There're girls that I know that are crazy about heels, which to a point that they will only wear heels. "Flat are for loser", yup, word to word. Not that I disagree, as matter of fact, I am a shoe freak, and I got to admit that heels does make our legs look slimmer and talker, that really help and boost that confidence. But once we stand and walk with it for awhile, nope, can't do( I know, heels are not made for a long walking distance). Which this week, I want to share my lately favor fashion item "The wedge sneaker".

I think wedge sneaker is a must have if you are a shoe freak like me, this type of heels are not only stylish, which easy to wear with legging, short and mini skirt. But the most important, they are just so comfortable to walk with it! A pair of nude are perfect with different colorful tops.

Tips: My lazy ways to wear the wedge sneaker are dark blue skinny jean or legging with spring/summer colorful tops. Just keep in mind, when wearing shoes like the wedges sneaker that have a comfortable cuff around the ankle, avoid wear pant that's lose like thost trouser-style jeans. If you are not a pant person, you can always pop a raffle bottom skirt that's above the knee(like those 70s pleat skirt), a t-shirt with a fun pattern and a light material sweater just in case some crazy weather you will got from mother nature. Just try it with different style, because wedges sneaker are very easy to play with and is super flattering. - Be fashionable; Be elegant.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gift Ideas For Mom

Gift Ideas For Mom

Gift Ideas For Mom by lili-he featuring kate spade tote bag

First, I want to shout out a Happy Mother's day to all the mommies out there! They are just wonderful and beautiful in every age to us. 

This week, I would like to share my list of gift ideas to my fabulous fans(you of course). I personally like to give my mom something that's beauty product related; like a spa gift set. Just something small,  but will definitely give her a "Aaaaa~" moment. No lie, my mom just like most of the great mom our there, don't really spend too much money and times on herself but rather mostly on me(she will made dresses that I want. by the way, I am very lucky to have a super mom that design and make cloth). Anyway, my concept of getting a mother's day gift is think of something that mom wouldn't really buy for themselves, but they will need it in their life. Of course, it really depend on the life style and personality of your mom, if they are very sporty mom, my safe bet will be something that's healthy & sporty related(such as little thing like a gym bag with water bottle or even a massage package). Other example, if mom is not too out going, like a house wife, a spa or a perfume gift set will be a great considerate gift.  

I remember when I was a little girl, I used to wrote my mom a "massage coupon" so that she can use whenever she feel tire, and of course, a mother's day card as a mother's day gift. I am sure I wasn't the only one out there doing something silly like that( a good kind of silly); my mom gave me a big smile, a good long minute hug and a kiss. My point is, mom WILL love their gift no matter what. Keep in mind, you can always DIY your own gift, like a photo frame, or a pieces of jewelry that absolutely made by hand. Sometime, gift can be something small but just made sure be thoughtful!- Be fashionable. Be elegant.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Nail Trend

To me, there’s nothing more important than to have a nice nails. Well, they don’t have to be all colorful, but at least a clean cut and perhaps puff a little, or maybe a layer of base coat? I can tell you straight forward that I am a nail person, sometime even I dress a little boring, and by that I mean jeans and T-shirt. In this fashion situation, were I don’t have time to put some fancy piece on, nail will be a great accessory to put something playful in my hand. This spring, I would like to introduce some fun colors for you ladies to play around and have a colorful spring.

Pastel is always big in the spring season, it match this blooming weather. Pastel yellow, purples, mint and pastel pink looks great with dress and skirt. They are all very girly and cheerful. I personal have couple of the pastel colors from essie, because they carry a layer of white base, which very pop out the creamy color. With stronger color like neon, I will recommend Orly, their “cotton candy”(which looks like peach pink), so adorable and peachy, I love to wear that color with my black sandal. These are the two brands that I go for in the summer.

Higher quality nail brand like Deborah Lippmann, they have a selection of funky and playful color. Such as Í’M Not Edible(panicked pink) and Rockin’Robin( mint mayhem); this two are the one to take you to an extra mile. Wear them to a girls night out will be something fun to try on.

Glitter makes everything pretty, almost everything. I love to have some sparkle spirit when I feel low, well, chocolate comes first, then glitter (sorry L ) but I love them both very much. And with the spring color from Dior, peach orange with glitter; this color will be great for occasion such as going on a date to the beach or farmers market.

I truly believe nail polish is an investment to our selves. Which I always recommend to consume a better nail polish then the super cheap one; the more expensive one comes in a better color, and the ingredients are not as harmful as the cheaper one.

Tips: if there’s some color that you are kind of iffy about, you can always consume the travel size. Nail brand such as Orly comes in this mini bottle (5.4ml); put it on, and see how you feel, if you don’t like it, it wouldn’t be a wasted and it comes in a lower price too.- Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lili's Trend Report:Tuxedo-Stripe Pants

This week, I am reviewing the trend report about Tuxedo-striped pants. Personally, I love this style and as matter of fact, I have one in different material. It was a re-create project of a striped pant. But before I comment on the fashion trend of this week, I would like to share my little story with you all, which you will understand why I love the striped pant so much.

About 2 years ago, I got this lovely white stretch jean from the expresses. It was super comfortable and fit great with my knee height boot; the only problem with this jean is the color: white. Don’t get me wrong, is not that I don’t like the color, but is more about how I have a swimmer’s body, and any light color pant just explode to the public what an athletic leg I have. Nevertheless, one day I past by my favorite store +Ralph Lauren  while doing window shopping. RL was displaced their fall collection where quite similar as the Tuxedo-striped pant. It was a brown pant with a black stretch striped on the side, it looks amazing! 

Therefore, I decided to transforms my white jeans into striped jean. But instead striped on the side, I cut the inside piece between the thigh, and replace a stretch dark grey fabric. (Note: the reason of avoid choosing a non-stretch fabric for the striped part is it will make the pant not smooth, and will looks very awkward).  

Anyways, I got so many complements from it and it really does the work, which is to made my leg look longer and skinnier. Normally, I wear mine with dark color sweater or a cute overcoat, it is simple but unique. So here is, this is why I adore striped pant so much. After all, fashion is an illusion, wearing the right garment will cover all the unwanted. (Resources from - Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

My MTV Fashion List

+MTV's red carpet may not be super fancy compares to the golden globe and/or +Oscars, but some of our favorite celebrity did put themselves together and put on something sharp and bold; because after all, nobody want to be in that “who wear the worst” list.  From the MTV award, I had chooses four of the best style:

Started with +Zoe Saldana, attended to the MTV award with her Givenchy dress and Jimmy Choo heels. We all aware Saldana is super skinny, but she has a nice body proportion. By choosing the Givenchy side open dress, it shows off her long leg. And the see through material with flower pattern draw the attention to her outfit and brings the summer flavor to the award.   

My favorite of the night: +Emma Watson, the harry potter girl which never disappointed me with each award. She always chooses the right dress that fit her body shape and her personality; something simple but yet fun. Just like last night, Watson wears her Maxime Simoëns, a sharp white collard with black out line from top to the waist as a belt, as well as the tie dyes blue A-line bottom. Even it wasn’t a super wow pieces, but it was quite a statement that’s girly and geometrical.

Speaking of geometrical, +Karlie Kloss’s white dress was quite unique. It wasn't anything new since she already wears the same top before, however, the whole piece with the coordinating pencil skirt both by Cushnie et Ochs are just clean and confidence. The only thing missing about the whole looks is the jewelry-earring.  

Last but not least, Chloë Moretz with her +Louis Vuitton denim dress, accessory with a black skinny belt. I personally not a big fan of denim skirt, maybe because of my big hip can’t pull it off. But this +Louis Vuitton ad caught my attention, the style quite match Moretz’s age. I would so wear this with a black sandal, cute medium size leather hang back and a cat eye shades to a brunch.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Suite Your Face With The Right Fame

The Shape Guide 

For The Gentlemen  

Fashion is all about trend, and from the last couple years in the glasses industry, shape has happened in a big revolution, from the oversize big round shades to the square shape that happened last season. And with every frame, there’re always somebody looks great and somebody looks bad on it. A person I used to know once told me: “my face look weird with any shape.” Which I strongly disagree, not only his face is not weird, but also, no face is weird enough to a point were it can’t pull off any shape. So this week, I would like to share some frame thought with you all.  

Choosing the right frame could be very difficult even for ladies. I saw a lot of people have some great face shapes that have potential to complement with some nice frame. However, many times people choose the wrong frame, and many thinks “there’s never a right frame for me”; “my face shape is not mean to be with any frame”. Well I don’t think so, here’s my advise, choosing the right frame is like dating, sometimes you believe you will never meet the right person because you may happens to meet all the wrong persons. But deep down you still hope there’s a right person are waiting for you, and you know if you keep looking, he/she will come to your life soon. And you may learn from parent and buddies, just keep looking, because there’re plenty of fish in the sea. And we all know process is always difficult, which just like choosing the right frame for your face, keep trying and don’t give up. 

To start, first: know your face shape. This is so important, and which people should understand first before trying any frame. Whether you are square or round, oval or heart; knowing your face shape is like knowing your pros and cons in dating, what should you brag about and what bad quality should you cover up. When you look over The Shape Guide, it gives you a measurement of your face, what kind of frame shape should you choose and celebrities’ examples that you can use as references. Myself is a round face, so I like to choose frame that have gentle curve, such as cat eyes. I personal are fans of  Chloé, frame looks very high quality and I love how it suit my personally very well.  

Remember, don’t hesitate to try any frame but first must know your face shape. And keep in mind, there’s no such thing that “all glasses make me look ugly”. You just have to understand yourself better and find the “soul mate for you face”.  – Be fashionable; Be elegant.