Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lili's Trend Report:Tuxedo-Stripe Pants

This week, I am reviewing the trend report about Tuxedo-striped pants. Personally, I love this style and as matter of fact, I have one in different material. It was a re-create project of a striped pant. But before I comment on the fashion trend of this week, I would like to share my little story with you all, which you will understand why I love the striped pant so much.

About 2 years ago, I got this lovely white stretch jean from the expresses. It was super comfortable and fit great with my knee height boot; the only problem with this jean is the color: white. Don’t get me wrong, is not that I don’t like the color, but is more about how I have a swimmer’s body, and any light color pant just explode to the public what an athletic leg I have. Nevertheless, one day I past by my favorite store +Ralph Lauren  while doing window shopping. RL was displaced their fall collection where quite similar as the Tuxedo-striped pant. It was a brown pant with a black stretch striped on the side, it looks amazing! 

Therefore, I decided to transforms my white jeans into striped jean. But instead striped on the side, I cut the inside piece between the thigh, and replace a stretch dark grey fabric. (Note: the reason of avoid choosing a non-stretch fabric for the striped part is it will make the pant not smooth, and will looks very awkward).  

Anyways, I got so many complements from it and it really does the work, which is to made my leg look longer and skinnier. Normally, I wear mine with dark color sweater or a cute overcoat, it is simple but unique. So here is, this is why I adore striped pant so much. After all, fashion is an illusion, wearing the right garment will cover all the unwanted. (Resources from WhoWhatWear.inc) - Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

My MTV Fashion List

+MTV's red carpet may not be super fancy compares to the golden globe and/or +Oscars, but some of our favorite celebrity did put themselves together and put on something sharp and bold; because after all, nobody want to be in that “who wear the worst” list.  From the MTV award, I had chooses four of the best style:

Started with +Zoe Saldana, attended to the MTV award with her Givenchy dress and Jimmy Choo heels. We all aware Saldana is super skinny, but she has a nice body proportion. By choosing the Givenchy side open dress, it shows off her long leg. And the see through material with flower pattern draw the attention to her outfit and brings the summer flavor to the award.   

My favorite of the night: +Emma Watson, the harry potter girl which never disappointed me with each award. She always chooses the right dress that fit her body shape and her personality; something simple but yet fun. Just like last night, Watson wears her Maxime Simoëns, a sharp white collard with black out line from top to the waist as a belt, as well as the tie dyes blue A-line bottom. Even it wasn’t a super wow pieces, but it was quite a statement that’s girly and geometrical.

Speaking of geometrical, +Karlie Kloss’s white dress was quite unique. It wasn't anything new since she already wears the same top before, however, the whole piece with the coordinating pencil skirt both by Cushnie et Ochs are just clean and confidence. The only thing missing about the whole looks is the jewelry-earring.  

Last but not least, Chloë Moretz with her +Louis Vuitton denim dress, accessory with a black skinny belt. I personally not a big fan of denim skirt, maybe because of my big hip can’t pull it off. But this +Louis Vuitton ad caught my attention, the style quite match Moretz’s age. I would so wear this with a black sandal, cute medium size leather hang back and a cat eye shades to a brunch.