Friday, November 21, 2014

What To Wear To : My Thanksgiving Party

Holiday Outfit Ideas- Thanksgiving

First thing first- Happy Thanksgiving To All My Readers Out There!- Thank you for your support and your time to read my blog. It means a lot to me - Your views and LIKEs has been my motivation to share my thoughts and to write more.  

Nevertheless, I believe Thanksgiving is a holiday to reflect, to think about who and what we need to appreciate and thank for. To the fact that during this time of the year, families and friends gathers together and celebrate a holiday of appreciations. I can not be more thankful to my families and friends for their support through out the year. 

For this holiday, I had created three sets of holiday outfits that I highly recommended. Perhaps it will inspires you to wear to a family thanksgiving dinner, or a fancy Friends-giving brunch that you will also attend.

Personally, when I go to a party(gathering) like this, I do not hesitate to stuff myself. Because really, eating is the fun part. Therefore, I always choose to wear something lose, such as a cute top that have a lot of room in it, like a lose fit sweater, or a peplum top with a leather pant or a good pair of pant/jeans are always flattering. Or if there's a fancy Thanksgiving party besides family and friends that needs to attend, I will recommend a cute skirt with a sparkle jewelry top. And that my friends, it is how I "unbuckle" myself without really doing it. 

Gable Gable~ Hope you guys will have a wonderful thanksgiving!

-Stay fashionable. Stay elegant. 


Holiday Outfit Ideas- Thanksgiving by lili-he featuring a harvest wreath

Friday, November 14, 2014

Update Your Look: Got Gloves?

Update Your Look: Got Gloves?
Not everyone a winter person. Because let's be honest, the painful part of dealing with the ice cold weather is the hassles we have to go through- to always caring extra fabrics; ruining makeup(“Ahem” ladies); or warm hands in the cold weather.

Sure, snow weather can be romantic and fun, but when it comes to a heavy pile of snow constantly falling from the sky; and just happened you are rushing to work and/or school. It doesn’t sound so romantic anymore does it?

Which in the fall/winter season, I like to accessorize myself with hat and gloves. In this cold season, I strongly recommend one of the must have winter accessory: Glove. For this week, I picked five not-so-boring glove elements which I would invest a pair or two to my wardrobe. Hope you all will love it

- Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.

Clockwise: +MaisonMichel “Mikaela”gloves, +Prada Beige Jeweled Leather Gloves, +Burberry “House Check” Gloves, +THOMASINE gloves Twisted Wrist Deco Glove, +Portolano Contrast Quilted Leather Tech Gloves.      

Friday, November 7, 2014

We Fall For: Faux Fur

We Fall For: Faux Fur

Faux Fur is always a very flattering fashion piece and a must have fashion elements. Compares to the real fur, with the technology right now, I always choose the faux over the real because animal should not have to pay for the price to become our accessories. With that being said, I love the texture and the bold color, which is why faux fur are likely to being wear in the fall/winter season. However, many people are very iffy about wearing faux fur material because they are just way too fancy, and have no special occasion to wear to. In that circumstance, if you want to go just a bit out side the box, consider just wear SOME fur (such as scarf, coat with fur element, etc.) instead the  full body.

Style Tips: Since faux fur are strong and bold:
- consider match with a leather piece such as cuff, earring, handbag and/or boot
- accessory such as gold or silver are always great to go to
- when comes to scarf, consider material such wool or knit
- hat - that goes the same as the scarf

Stay fashionable. Stay elegant.