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One of the reasons I adore about fall is that the weather is great for layering. I can always put an ankle boot with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a cute summer t-shirt and a fall-color sweater over, not to mentions, some statement accessories of course; it save me so much time for a typical busy day or a “lazy”-day(well, you know what I mean).

However, ankle boot are starting to fade away as the weather gets colder on each week. We always want to stays warm and stays fabulous 24/7, and therefore, I am introducing a bold fashion piece that fashionista need to be best friend with: the over the knee boot.

What we love about the boot is that they are great for girls who like to wear skirts (pencil, mini, A-line, circle can name it.)in the fall/winter seasons. The other benefits with over the knee boots are that they’re perfectly cover our awkward knees; it creates an illusion of a long-legs proportion. I mean in the end, is it that’s the point of fashion?

My opinions are always have a pair of black; black is the king in the color circle, it goes with many possibilities and styles. A note from that, a pair of nude leather is even better, the nude that match with your skin tone are just magically done a great job, and it goes with almost any color you wear. (Sources provided by WhoWhatWear) – Stays fashionable; Stays elegant.

Lili's Trend Report:Tuxedo-Stripe Pants

This week, I am reviewing the trend report about Tuxedo-striped pants. Personally, I love this style and as matter of fact, I have one in different material. It was a re-create project of a striped pant. But before I comment on the fashion trend of this week, I would like to share my little story with you all, which you will understand why I love the striped pant so much.

About 2 years ago, I got this lovely white stretch jean from the expresses. It was super comfortable and fit great with my knee height boot; the only problem with this jean is the color: white. Don’t get me wrong, is not that I don’t like the color, but is more about how I have a swimmer’s body, and any light color pant just explode to the public what an athletic leg I have. Nevertheless, one day I past by my favorite store +Ralph Lauren  while doing window shopping. RL was displaced their fall collection where quite similar as the Tuxedo-striped pant. It was a brown pant with a black stretch striped on the side, it looks amazing! 

Therefore, I decided to transforms my white jeans into striped jean. But instead striped on the side, I cut the inside piece between the thigh, and replace a stretch dark grey fabric. (Note: the reason of avoid choosing a non-stretch fabric for the striped part is it will make the pant not smooth, and will looks very awkward).  

Anyways, I got so many complements from it and it really does the work, which is to made my leg look longer and skinnier. Normally, I wear mine with dark color sweater or a cute overcoat, it is simple but unique. So here is, this is why I adore striped pant so much. After all, fashion is an illusion, wearing the right garment will cover all the unwanted. (Resources from - Be fashionable. Be elegant.

Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection 

In the fashion industry, there are a lot of famous fashion brands and they been in the fashion industry for quite some time. Such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Mcqueen, Dior and of course Yves Saint Laurent; which I am always a big fan of the brand. YSL is one of the fashion brands that still maintain their style and quality. It is always been elegant and ladylike; with each season, YSL always surprise us by using new material and add some new fashion element that are ladylike.

Just like the current 2013 spring season, YSL use a lot of ruffle, organza, bow and chiffon in dresses and blouses. This element brings a spark to the collection. All this dresses and blouses are semi-see through, the trick with see through fabric is they can cover the odd spot (such as having a bigger waist), which the fabric will make your body proportion looks longer and slimmer.

Not to mention, the accessory collection are ladylike but yet playful; the dark oversize hat that cover quarter of the face create a magical illusion, it actually made the actual size of the head seems smaller. Also, long tassel necklace teams with bohemian dresses, tassel with black wide belt works great together, is not just chic but also bold.

Move along, the spring collection is not entirely girly, but it had inspires by the boyish style. The blazer are using straight shoulder (by apply a thin shoulder pat); this brings a confidence and independent personality into the outfit. Last but not least, jackets are inspired by the western cowboy style; with some half cut packet and some leather piece as the major element. Obvious is a drama series and we expected to see more the summer collection with the same spirit.

Side Note:

If you notice, I always mention the word "elegant", and here I ask, what’s elegant to you? I could not express my strong emotion enough to people who gives an odd Fashion Comment of “a girl that wear a cheetah coat with black over knee boot and bright red lipstick” is elegant; Very interesting. Well, that doesn't seem elegant to me, but surely is a “wild one”. 

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