Friday, July 5, 2013

Fashion Trend: Southwest Style

Fashion Trend: Southwest Style

Fashion Trend: Southwest Style by lili-he featuring elastic headbands

Fashion designers such as +Ralph Lauren, Barbara Bui and +mara hoffman has their spring/summer 2013 collections, and it is all about the southwest style. 

So why is the southwest style is in the trend? simple reason: southwest print are full of strong geometry patterns and fun colors, which all we need to complete the outfit is a simple denim bottom, or a plain color to match a unique pattern, vice verse. Not only the color is perfect for the summer season, more over, it looks like you really put some times to dress up but it is really not. - Be elegant. Be fashionable.

*Between end of June till mid of July is a great time to do some spring, summer clothing shopping , most of the stores are doing a half annual sale. So, now is a great time to empty the closet, see what we have and what need to add on our fashion collection.