Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Falling For Fall

Happy autumn~ today is the first day of fall. Meaning, the season of layering is finally here! As a winter baby, personally being in a cold weather was something quite pleasant. As much as I love to wear my favorite flower print skirts/dresses and sandals; explored different local shops; and the nature sun bath with the cool lake breeze. However, the humid feeling of summer can be a very unpleasant part of the season- that is what I call “the summer time sadness”. And for that, I am ready to move on to my favorite season compares to other threes.

As I was mentions earlier, fall is all about layering. Therefore, every year during this time, I will re-organize my closet, wave goodbye to MOST of my summer outfits and pull out my sweaters and jackets. The beauty of the fall season is that you can still wear some of your favorite summer pieces such as cute tan top with a light sweater and jean. Or a short denim jean pair with a cardigan and ankle boots. Both of the styles are absolutely flattering and stylish. As a big fan of dresses and skirts, cold weather did not stop me for keep wearing them. But rather, I choose heavy and thicker materials such as wool, heavy silk, polyester- fabrics that have a less air regulation.

For the next few weeks, I will share some of my favorite all time fall styles. Some are my day to day basis styles, and some are using the trendy elements from the 2014 fall season. As well as I am preparing a new column regarding health and “nature beauty secrets”. I hope you all are as excited as I am!  

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