Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lili's Trend Report:Tuxedo-Stripe Pants

This week, I am reviewing the trend report about Tuxedo-striped pants. Personally, I love this style and as matter of fact, I have one in different material. It was a re-create project of a striped pant. But before I comment on the fashion trend of this week, I would like to share my little story with you all, which you will understand why I love the striped pant so much.

About 2 years ago, I got this lovely white stretch jean from the expresses. It was super comfortable and fit great with my knee height boot; the only problem with this jean is the color: white. Don’t get me wrong, is not that I don’t like the color, but is more about how I have a swimmer’s body, and any light color pant just explode to the public what an athletic leg I have. Nevertheless, one day I past by my favorite store +Ralph Lauren  while doing window shopping. RL was displaced their fall collection where quite similar as the Tuxedo-striped pant. It was a brown pant with a black stretch striped on the side, it looks amazing! 

Therefore, I decided to transforms my white jeans into striped jean. But instead striped on the side, I cut the inside piece between the thigh, and replace a stretch dark grey fabric. (Note: the reason of avoid choosing a non-stretch fabric for the striped part is it will make the pant not smooth, and will looks very awkward).  

Anyways, I got so many complements from it and it really does the work, which is to made my leg look longer and skinnier. Normally, I wear mine with dark color sweater or a cute overcoat, it is simple but unique. So here is, this is why I adore striped pant so much. After all, fashion is an illusion, wearing the right garment will cover all the unwanted. (Resources from WhoWhatWear.inc) - Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

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