Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sandals match with its color

Sandals match with its color

Sandals match with its color by lili-he featuring oscar de la renta

Our summer officially started the Friday that just past, so hello summer~ And of course, we love to wears our favorite sandals in this hot season; not only our feet needs a summer break, more over, perhaps summer is one of the only time to show off those to gorgeous sandals and heels. 

However, do you think you nail polish "Nail it" with your sandal? This question sounds a little funny, and which, I know we all have that lazy moment, it is hard to keep on track to wear a match/complement toe nail color with our favorite sandals. Because let's be real, ain't nobody got time for that. But if you have the right color with your favorite sandal, you will receive so many complements. I guarantee!!

With my past experience, I would like to do a fashion review on which nail polish with go with the right sandals, so that you can show-off your gorgeous sandals more often. :)

Neutrals sandals: This group pretty much go with any colorful colors. Personal preference: spring and summer color will be perfect; since neutrals is semi-dark, and with the summer happy color, it will bring the season flavor out.  

Metallic: Since this group is a  hard cord metal with a twist of rock flavor, it is strong and powerful. To complement with this group of sandals, shimmery color and a deeper tone will be great. Safe bet: glitter gold or silver can't go wrong. 

Candy Color: It is definitely a must have summer color. I adore this group of sandals a lot, because it is just fun, pop and girly. I can wear this group of sandals with just a simple white dress or a white-T and jeans. When wearing this group of sandals, the perfect nail colors will be any relate candy color such as white, egg yolk yellow or teal. Avoid any dark color, because it will only make your toe nails looks dirty, ewww.

Black & White: This group is a safe set; not only it goes with many different outfits, but also, it is very convenience to find its complement nail polish. Just keep in mind, stick with either something dark but with sparkle, or bright color such as red.  With black and white, it always looks classy and ladylike.  

Hope this is helpful and have a great summer!-Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

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