Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nail That Accent

As I go over the InStyle July issues; I can not help to share this nail polish idea with you all. Well, it wasn't anything new with the mix and match polish color; however, fall is a good time to mix the summer color with the winters.

Gold, glitter, silver, all the heavy medal colors are a good time to take it out from your nail polish collection. Just remember to mix with something lighter to balance out. Not to mention, since October is the breast cancer aware month, pink is everywhere, and as always, pink are my top color choice. For examples: for events that's more serious such as job interview, I normally choose the light pink; for the summer, when I got my awesome tan, I just adore my hot pink. And my new favor is the glitter pink from OPI, to make it more interesting, I first applied the glitter pink for all my fingers, and for both of my ring fingers, I uses the Nicole White or Black crack texture nail polish on top, so not only the pink glitter brings the excitement, but with the crack texture, it add a personality to it to make it interesting.

Hope you guys find this useful. -Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

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