Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nothing But Sneakers

Nothing But Sneakers

Heels are a symbol that represent feminine. There're girls that I know that are crazy about heels, which to a point that they will only wear heels. "Flat are for loser", yup, word to word. Not that I disagree, as matter of fact, I am a shoe freak, and I got to admit that heels does make our legs look slimmer and talker, that really help and boost that confidence. But once we stand and walk with it for awhile, nope, can't do( I know, heels are not made for a long walking distance). Which this week, I want to share my lately favor fashion item "The wedge sneaker".

I think wedge sneaker is a must have if you are a shoe freak like me, this type of heels are not only stylish, which easy to wear with legging, short and mini skirt. But the most important, they are just so comfortable to walk with it! A pair of nude are perfect with different colorful tops.

Tips: My lazy ways to wear the wedge sneaker are dark blue skinny jean or legging with spring/summer colorful tops. Just keep in mind, when wearing shoes like the wedges sneaker that have a comfortable cuff around the ankle, avoid wear pant that's lose like thost trouser-style jeans. If you are not a pant person, you can always pop a raffle bottom skirt that's above the knee(like those 70s pleat skirt), a t-shirt with a fun pattern and a light material sweater just in case some crazy weather you will got from mother nature. Just try it with different style, because wedges sneaker are very easy to play with and is super flattering. - Be fashionable; Be elegant.

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