Friday, June 14, 2013

Fashion Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

During time to time,there's always a must see fashion movie. Such as my all time favorite My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn; all those fancy glamour gowns and oversized hats are just breath taking. And my other favor movie:The Devil Wears Prada, not only Meryl Streep is one of my favor female actress, but, this movie have a great inside about the fashion industry. 

After watching The Great Gatsby, even thought many people had told me this movie was just fine. However, since I am not a total nerd which major in English, or film study ( but bravo for those who passion about literature). Which I have no professional opinion about the movie editing. 

Which, without a doubt, The Great Gatsby is a must see fashion movie in 2013. What interests me about the movie is that the main character Daisy Buchanan( played by Carey Mulligan) had over 20 outfits through the movie, which mainly designed by the head designer from Prada and costume designer from Moulin Rouge. 

From the movie, majority of the accessories with head and hand piece are full of sparks and glamorous  I was helplessly in love with each pieces.Not to mention, jewelry sponsor are by Swarski; they are so detail and unique. I personally are a hat person, which their hats are very flattering and not overly fancy. One of my favorite head accessories are the one from Jordan barker( play by Elizabeth Debicki); the little grey hat with a diamond pins with it. Please, if you got a chance, watch The Great Gatsby to get inspire. If you love glamour fashion, you will love this movie.  

Note: If you really love the old vintage style and was inspired by the great Gatsby. Summer is a great time to do some vintage and antique shopping. I strongly suggest go to the Chicago Randolph street market that held all summer long. Also, a local thrift shops for some vintage hunting not only can save you a buck but you mind be surprise there're will be some hidden treasures waiting for you. Hey, just like Macklemore(the singer who sings Thrift Shop) said: is not a bad idea to have your grandpa's style. - Be fashionable. Be Elegant. 

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