Monday, September 23, 2013

My Top 12 Emmy Fashion List

From left to right: Heid Klum, Sofia Vergara, Kerry Washington, Constance Zimmer, Julianne Hough, Kaley Cuoco.

From left to right: Laura Dern, Robin Wright, Anna Gunn, Michelle Dockery, Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic.

Last night’s Emmy was full of excitement. The main part that I love about the award is of course the fashion: those fabulous gowns and the amazing hair styles our favor celebrities put on. I can’t wait to share with you my top 12 favor gowns.

Red seems like the popular color of the night for many actress. Take a look of  +Sofia Vergara  and +Kaley Cuoco; both dresses are designs by Vera Wang. Layers of organza and laces are not only very famine but also elegant. My only concert is “what sup with Kaley’s eye browns?” – Because it seems like something missing and make her looks unnatural. 

In this award, I would like to say my girl  +Heidi Klum barely had let me down with her sense of red carpet style. The wine-red sequence dress fits her body perfectly and the cutting of the dress is just simply fabulous. *What so unique about making the sequence dress is that since the material is so thick, it is very tricky to create a dress that fit smoothly with the body; which I give a lot of credit for this dress.(Trust me, I know this material pretty well since mom make 25 of those sequence dresses before, and it wasn't fun to watch and help making it)

You mind wonder, where's Julie Bowen's pink dress? because it is definitely a head turning dress.And let me just say that I actually really wanted to put that pink dress in my top 12. The dress was gorgeous, and it is a dress that pull herself together. However, the sewing quality of the dress can do better, but many people wasn't aware the importance of the sewing quality.

Last, hair style is something that complete the package. I believe the best hair of the night should goes to +Maria Menounos Hough, I mean come on, how can we not love her fishtail on the side?  It is a wise decision to put hair on the side with gown, it create a feminine personality that just goes well with long gown, and of course, it made your face look smaller, who doesn't want that?  

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