Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fashion Rules That We Can Re-considerate

Some said: RULES are means to be broken. Well, that really have to depends on the circumstance. In the fashion world, there're many rules that are builds with a reason. Such as you know you shouldn't wear a lot of layers if you are not the super skinny girl, because that just make the body looks bigger. Or, if we want to look smaller(in illusion), highly suggest wear print that are bigger, because big print(flowers, geometry shape) can take away the attention of your body shape; this rules are not something should break.

Then of course, we also have those old rules, some are just sounds ridiculous. Recently, I found an article from WhoWhatWear website, it discusses the 14 Rules You Should Break, which I found very interesting and useful, and I think we can totally reconsider! My top four favors are "Mix Print Looks Messy"; "Shorter Girls Can’t Wear Midi Skirts"; "Your Belt and Shoes Must Match" and "Horizontal Stripes Add 10 Ponds".

- "Mix Print Looks Messy"- as long as we avoid to wear with other crazy print fabric, and keep them in the same color family. Mix print are absolutely durable and fun to wear to a girls night-out.

- "Shorter Girls Can’t Wear Midi Skirts"- it will be unacceptable if a shorter girl wear the midi skirts in a suit, which covers from head to toes. 2013 is the years of midi skirts, it is an elegant event party piece that many celebrities choose. As WWW suggest "Choose eye-catching heels and a more fitted silhouette", and shows a little skins, it will look absolutely flirty and ladylike.

- "Your Belt and Shoes Must Match"- Whatttt?!? since when's this is unacceptable?

- "Horizontal Stripes Add 10 Ponds" - I personally are definitely not those super skinny girls, and when it comes to horizontal stripes, I choose carefully for my collections. Therefore, I never wear those skinny horizontal stripes by itself, but it looks super fun when I wear my black and white stripes with my leather jacket, the print totally rock the whole look.

Hope this will be useful and don't be afraid to try any possibilities. - Stay elegant; Sta fashionable.

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