Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Nail Trend

To me, there’s nothing more important than to have a nice nails. Well, they don’t have to be all colorful, but at least a clean cut and perhaps puff a little, or maybe a layer of base coat? I can tell you straight forward that I am a nail person, sometime even I dress a little boring, and by that I mean jeans and T-shirt. In this fashion situation, were I don’t have time to put some fancy piece on, nail will be a great accessory to put something playful in my hand. This spring, I would like to introduce some fun colors for you ladies to play around and have a colorful spring.

Pastel is always big in the spring season, it match this blooming weather. Pastel yellow, purples, mint and pastel pink looks great with dress and skirt. They are all very girly and cheerful. I personal have couple of the pastel colors from essie, because they carry a layer of white base, which very pop out the creamy color. With stronger color like neon, I will recommend Orly, their “cotton candy”(which looks like peach pink), so adorable and peachy, I love to wear that color with my black sandal. These are the two brands that I go for in the summer.

Higher quality nail brand like Deborah Lippmann, they have a selection of funky and playful color. Such as Í’M Not Edible(panicked pink) and Rockin’Robin( mint mayhem); this two are the one to take you to an extra mile. Wear them to a girls night out will be something fun to try on.

Glitter makes everything pretty, almost everything. I love to have some sparkle spirit when I feel low, well, chocolate comes first, then glitter (sorry L ) but I love them both very much. And with the spring color from Dior, peach orange with glitter; this color will be great for occasion such as going on a date to the beach or farmers market.

I truly believe nail polish is an investment to our selves. Which I always recommend to consume a better nail polish then the super cheap one; the more expensive one comes in a better color, and the ingredients are not as harmful as the cheaper one.

Tips: if there’s some color that you are kind of iffy about, you can always consume the travel size. Nail brand such as Orly comes in this mini bottle (5.4ml); put it on, and see how you feel, if you don’t like it, it wouldn’t be a wasted and it comes in a lower price too.- Be fashionable. Be elegant. 

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