Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion Report- Roberto Cavalli

This week, after watched couple of the fashion runway shows, Roberto Cavalli really had caught my eye. It was very refresh after view those pretty summer pattern. To me, I think it was a right amount of print. Summer season should be full of colors. And the reason I think Cavalli did a great job is if you look at the collection, style are very simple and straight forward, which is in a right among.

When wearing a very colorful pattern, style don't have to be over fancy. Because here's the thing, each dress or outfit should have it's own special quality/personality, it can be just the print, or the style(Either or). If an outfit have too much unique elements, in the end, there will be nothing special about it, because each quality will try to stand out. So even if you are doing a mix and match by yourself, a colorful print top should match with simple pant or skirt or vice versa. I had applied my marketing knowledge into fashions that consumer will only remember one of your special quality(which we call "niche")when selling/promote a certain product, therefore, if there're too many special quality, that means there're nothing special about. Aren't they interesting? - Be elegant; Be fashionable.

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