Monday, February 4, 2013

The Hottest New Hues

I would like to share a nail section that I read from the fitnessmagazine this week. It is quite useful and knowledge especially from the Nail 911 section; let's face it, girls paint their nail is like boys shaves their face, it doesn't have to be too technical about it but it does require some of the basic knowledge. In this nail section, there’re some great nail tips about nail breaking, peeling to advises of having a better nail shape. And of course, the exciting nail polish color trend that’s going on right now, which I would like to first share with you guys.

In this spring season, Oceanic Blues which is turquoise and purple blue are something fun to play with; with ladies who’s not a big fans of bright color, this two color will be something new to try, it is a bit conservative but yet a very high-end color to put on. If you are fans of nude color, this season the creamy Nudes which is orange and nude that carry a creamy base will be a very lady like to put on, is simple but sharp. When it comes to a spring season, my must go color is always pink (light pink, bright pink), which pink fans like me are very exciting with the floral Pastels: that's a light purple and pink that brings a blossom color in the spring, it is so girly and looks great with skirt and dresses.

I am sure I am not the only one who had this problem; every time when I wash my hair, the nail posh begin to chip and starting to peels out. It is extremely frustrating and annoying, not only the nail polish have a shorter life, but more important, it does not look good. So I invent this idea, I wouldn't say brilliant but it works great if you want a longer nail polish life, which is GLOVE. Yes! Sounds funny right? But it work! Just put the glove on, and voila, wash your hair with pair of glove, I can guarantee your nail polish can last 3 ~ 4 days more. I hope this will solve your nail polish problem and look forward to heard your experiences.  – Be elegant; Be fashionable.  

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