Wednesday, February 20, 2013

London Fashion Week

Is Furrrr Time

 Designer from Left to Right: J.W. Anderson, Christopher Kane, L'wren, Mulberry

Sleeve Queen
 Designer from Left to Right: Roksanda Ilincic, Eom Ford, Erdem, Peter Pillotto, Mary Katrantzon, Mulberry

Neck Is All Matter
Designer from Left to Right: J.W Anderson, Giles Fall, Erdem, Peter Pilotto, L'Wren, Mulberry (Images are provided by +Harper's BAZAAR )

London Fall fashion week is full of excitement, is playful, but yet a bit conservative. London Fall fashion week is all about focus on every little detail; from the sleeve, neck and choosing the fabric. I found the differences between the America style and the Europe style is that American fashion designers are all about change fabric material and color according to the trend. Which compares to the Europe designers; they are all about changes the clothing detail. When I compares the New York fashion week to the London Fashion week (LFW), New York is all about applying different fabric material, we can always understand where the fabric trend goes and what fashion lovers prefer with the material wise. And I had come to a conclusion that small geometry print will be a big hit coming up in America.

While material is what matter in the America Fashion industry, however, I do prefer the Europe Style (Italy, England, Milan); were is all about the fashion detail. I personally is a fans of the Europe style, not that I don’t like the America designer, trust me, I love comfortable material and it is one big important element in a fashion piece. In order for a designer to create a high-end fashion collection, the design/style is important, but also using the right fabric is the key. But I love the detail in a dress because it brings the dress a character. Like this London fashion week, I put them in three categories: the sleeve, fur element and the detail in the neck.

If you think fur is out of the trend, NOPE, they are still here. But instead to use fur as the main character in the fashion piece; this year, fur became an accessory as a highlight for the outfit. So is all about mix and match. LFW used wild print in the body but solid color fur in the shoulder, this became an interesting duet. Like fashion designer Christopher Kane, use military print and mix with solid light yellow brown fur as a settle element.

How can we miss the turtle neck when it comes to the Europe fashion style; many designers had used turtle neck and applied details in the collar to create a lady like style. It is no doubt an elegant and sophisticate element in all time. A collar with playful detail can save you so much time for try to wear a match accessory with your outfit.

Maybe London is not quite playful as the America designer, but they surely know what are the element will be needed.-Be elegant; Be fashionable.  

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