Friday, February 15, 2013

New York Fashion Week

   The Simple Style
    Designer from Left to Right: Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstemberg, Vera Wong, Belstaff, J.Mendel, Lela Rose

                                                                                The Funky Neon
 Designer from Left to Right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Ohne Titel, Chado Ralph Ruci, ICB

                     The Pattern Highlight  
Designer from Left to Right: Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberrg, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Derek Lam, Juan Carlos Obando (images from +Harper's BAZAAR )

This week is all about the New York fashion week. With all the glam and fresh fashion style, I had breaks down three sections: The Simple Style, The Funky Neon and The Pattern Highlight. Each style is so different but yet each had one common touch: is all about the detail.

Less Is More- this quote became a fashion inspiration for a group of fashion designers in this New York Fashion week. In the Simple Style Session, just like usual, Calvin Klein keep it simple, nothing to overwhelming the audience. Their styles are always clean and straight forward. Which this is what made CK unique that we will knowledge the sewing quality rather a dress that’s all over the place. Not to mention, in this time, Calvin Klein use some new elements by putting different fabric pieces together whether just one big fabric. 

With cutting of the skirt, compares to last year was above the knee, but this season, many designers are using the old dress style that’s either right on the knee or over the knee. Finally! Is about time to bring back the over knee skirt style. I personally think is just ladylike and for a lot of lady, we are not satisfy with our knee, because either it is darker than the leg that looks extremely obvious or there's scarf (at least I wish mine can be better). Anyway, the over knee dress/skirt will solve that kind of problem.

Move alone, as always, no surprise the Neon coming back this season since the summer season are coming soon. Pop colors are always welcome. Let’s face it; Neon is such a funky and a girly color to play with. Who said big girl can’t rock Neon like that? Designers like Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta had expresses their love to Neon; both uses those funky fabric pattern and combine with neon to make the style extra standout.

Last but not the least: The Pattern Highlight. Strong geometry shapes never gets old. As designer prove their fashion piece to us: Pattern is the key. Unlike last year, were the geometry shapes are exaggerates in the fabric. In this NY fashion week, designer like Diane Von Furstenberrg and Derek Lam are using small polka dot and heart shape for a three-dimension illusion. - Be elegant; Be fashionable  

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