Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oscar 2013 Red Carpet View

After finish watched Oscar, those dresses are so gorgeous and full of excitement. This year, red carpet is all about wearing simple and neat. Strapless with long flawless bottom is the dresses trend this year. Actor like Jennifer Garner in +GUCCI and Zoe Saldana in Alex Mabille are using big wave and multiple layers. 

Talk about the winner of Oscar 2013, Ann Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence are both wearing light pink nearly nude peach color. Nothing too overwhelming or trying too hard. My girl Ann Hathaway with her +Prada dress that's business in the front and party in the back kills it, absolutely fun and flirty. And in deed, diamond are girls best friend, Ann Hathaway prove this quote again with her Tiffany diamond necklace; just stunning and elegant. 

Move forward, the new Oscar girl Jennifer Lawrence took home with the main female actor award. Her Dior Haute dress is just simple but yet very ladylike, and a drop back long Chopard necklace draped down her back create a long talk body proportion. Maybe is not a dress that's convenience to walk around but it is definite a remarkable dress for event like Oscar.  

Age is just a number, Sally Field prove us no matter what age you are, you can still looks great and gorgeous. She wear a bright red Valentino Couture gown, ear drop diamond earring and pull back hair style just sophisticate and stunning. Young girl will looks good in everything, I mean literally EVERYTHING(of course nothing too bizarre). And Sally shows us as long as you have the personality that can pull that style dress, no matter what age you are, you will still pull that off.

There's always hit and miss in the award; I can't say this year is all good, but majority, female actors know what they want and how to accomplish the look. -Be elegant; Be fashionable. 

*Next blog, we go to talk about the perfect sunglasses shape to suit your face for ladies and gentlemen. Yup, I got you boys, I know that guys need to look hot and sexy like girls too. 

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