Friday, February 22, 2013

February Fashion Tips

Style always come and goes. In last month, it could be all punk and rock, and next month is all about lady like and Victoria age vintage style. No matter what's the trend. As long as it fit your style and you look good on it. That's all matter. 

This week, I found this in +Who What Wear; is a February fashion tips that I would like to share with fashionista like you. Tips is all about adding extra something (personality/unique element) to your outfit and made you look not boring. I personally love something just simple yet one of a kind, a outfit that make people turn around and ask you where do you get that outfit from. Not gonna lie, is a good feeling, because you pull that off. And with this week's fashion tips, I hope you guys find it helpful as well. 

*Don't forgot to watch Oscar this Sunday, I can't wait to see those gorgeous dresses in the red carpet - Be elegant. Be fashionable .

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