Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looks Guys Love & Hate

Celebrity's style may not be your style. yes, they look amazing and stunning, and no matter what they wear: pj or hoodies, they still look stylish and fashionable. Of course, we all want to look fabulous like our favorite celebrity. However, keep in mind we have to understand just because they can pull that style doesn't mean you do. For example, fashionista are inspired by the runway style, they seek the new fashion trend and pick up the element then imply in a real life. Notice: runway is a fashion forecast of what's IN right now, but doesn't mean you can wear the exactly same outfit as the runway. Perhaps in the runway you will see a lot of crazy fabric patterns going on, and the model's makeup is like makeup exaggeration, please, nobody should wear like this on the street. Well, I think I just made my point across.

Anyway, I always encourage people to try new thing, new outfit, new hairstyle and new look. Because trying new things is a very exciting experiment, of course there’s ups and downs side. The new look mind turns out horribly like a celebration of an early Halloween, or you never know, it could be a unexpected fresh look that you totally pull it off. I believe I wasn’t the first one to feel like this, but sometime when I walk in the street, I saw a girl with the hair style that I could never think of, or a nail polish color that I may hesitate about it, but they totally pull it off and look great! Admit it, I want to be that girl too.  

This week, I found an article about Looks guys love & hate. Of course, is not all about how guys see and feel about us, but is good to know what they think about it. And personally, I found them useful, most of them. Article talk about nail color- what guys think about it; the hair style from fish tail to bangs; and the real meaning of “no makeup”.

As I state earlier, just because one can’t pull that off, doesn't mean you too. Go ahead, give a try! Maybe you will become the diva of the style. 

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