Friday, January 25, 2013

The Watches

There used to be a time were watch is part of the must have accessory. As time goes by with the new century of technology, phone had replaces the function of watch. However, myself are always a big fans of watch, I believe watch is the accessory that can bring the elegant and give you the sense of wisdom to your outfit (yes, sense of wisdom- means that other accessory like purse, necklace, bracelet can't give it to you, well, perhaps some glass frame, my point is, watch is something that made you look smart.)

When I wear a light blue or just a simply plain white shirt, with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, put my ponytail on, and a pair of sneaker; all I need is a classic black leather strap watch to complete the casual outfit look. Nothing too fancy, BUT definitely a head turning look, it is something just refresh and a style that never get old. Of course, feel free to throw an oversize men's watch with those office shirt, the watch magically gives you a power and energy.

As we know, spring and summer is the flower season, everything is blooming and colorful, which Neon will match the seasonal spirit. With a neon color watch, it’s a good combination for a sporty look, a dark color hoodies or a simple t-shirt became a fun piece together. Is funky, but yet girly.

However, sweater is a tricky piece since it can be wear with different combinations. When you want a lady like look, a leather strap(keep in mind choose a light color to go with so it won’t look award) will made a good combination; for example: peach pink, lavender, light green, or a baby blue sweater, you want to go with a skinny strap than a watch in a overwhelming size. And if you have a super funky look sweater, feel free to put a neon watch to match that pop look.   

Just keep in mind, always choose wisely when come to watches, because watch is not only just a functional accessory, but also a fashion statement that represent your personality and your identity. - Be elegant, be fashionable. (Picture provided by WhoWhatWear.) 

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