Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Find The Right Make Up Tools For Your Skin

Be honest, I am not a big fans of make up due to the reason of all those chemicals that will harm your skin; but make up are necessary, when they(the boys)said they prefers girls with no make up; Trust me, it don't mean that! What it really mean is that they prefer make up that looks natural, which mean use the basic make up are require, such as mascara; lipstick (nude or light pink); foundation or BB cream (love it, it is so thin and give you a natural look), just something that can cover those dark circle and bags; my point is go as nature as possible. 

In this case, tool for your makeup are very important. In order to have/create a perfect look, we need the right tool to make that happen. Different types of skin and foundation should use the right type of makeup brush. Some brushes are softer and some are bit thicker. With the soft one, it don't absorb much liquid as the thicker one, when you don't need too much foundation in your face, go with the thin tool. Lately, egg-shape sponge are in trend, it is much better than the original rectangle shape sponge; the egg- shape sponge not only it have a better cover to the hidden angle, but also blend very well with foundation.

I personally has try and became a big fans of those egg-shape sponge, it gave me a very smooth skin when I wake up and look like a nightmare. However, the disadvantage is I can’t clean the sponge once I am done; so for people who like to be green and recycle, I have to make some sacrifices, which is why I still use make up brush. 

You can always find good make up brush in a good deal and low price, and it will give you the same effect as the super expensive brand like Chanel or Lancome. Of course, if you want to invest to yourself because you work your butt out all the time. Go for it. But keep in mind, always use the right tool and right brush will give you a stud natural look. 

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