Monday, January 21, 2013

The OMG hair DNA

Beautiful hairs play a huge rule to complete a remarkable fashion statement. As I notice, there’re many times as I walked on Michigan Avenue, many ladies have some nice hair styles but the hair condition is a total nightmare. Part of the reasons is either from perm, flatting hair, hair dye and of course, people always end up chose the wrong hair care product. Not to mention, if the weather condition are not friendly and uncorroborated. For example: Chicago, were the weather are always dry and windy, is hard to keeping up and having nice hair all the times.  

Anyway, as I read over one of my favorite magazine during the past weekend “Fitness”, I found a very interesting personal quiz about our Hair DNA (condition), which I would love to share with my fabulous and beautiful fans like YOU.  

As I took this quiz myself, standing in the bathroom with a bowl of water for a good half hour. Turns out my hair is FINE DAMAGE, which I believe I DO take care my hair pretty well (trust me, I did!). This quiz is quite amazing and I have a better understanding about my hair. I hope you will have a lot of fun with this quiz and please feel free to share your experience and tips if you do have some nice healthy hair(would love to know your secret) or if you have damage hair condition like me, you are not alone, and I hope this is the solution for your hair.

Direction: As you look at the very first image, it is a hair quiz, which all you need is to provide couple of your hair (please, don’t pull your hair out, outch! Just take those hairs from after brush; 2-3 is good enough) and a bowl or container. Just follow the instruction in the hair quiz, in the end of the quiz, you will found out the current condition of your hair, if their absolutely healthy, or a total emergency. Base on the result, the quiz will tell you what kind of hair care product can improve the hair condition.  

- Be elegant; Be fashionable

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