Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Ultimate Closet Cleaning Guide 2016

Hello Blogger friends, happy Easter! and it is officially the first week of Spring, doesn't feel like much in Chicago- all due to the reason of it was still snowing yesterday. Seriously Chicago, please pull yourself together- Give me summer already. 

Nevertheless, every year during the spring cleaning season, I can hear my closet whispers my name. I swear I am not going insane! swear! But believe it or not, cloth/fiber do need to breathe too. So as usual, I like to go over my closet- in the order of materials from thinnest to thickest; as well as the usage of the garment(often or seldom). And sort it out whether is a keeper or a bye-bye piece. Some garments might need a repair(if I really love it), and some garments were one of those "I have no memory of when did I got it, or rather, why did I even got it in the first place?!".  

During the process of closet cleaning, I like to have a specific cleaning routine. Thus, as I looked back on my experiences, I found the below chart is the closest to mine. But the main thing to keep in mind  is whether to keep it, toss it or donate it.  

Questions such as: 
                    - How Often Did I Wear The Garment?
                    - Does It Still Fit Me?(In Terms Of Size & Style)
                    - Is It Still Age Appropriate? (Can I Wear To School/Work?)
                    - Did I Have A lot Of Similar Style?(If Yes, Should Probably Change It Up A Little)
                    - Can It Be Easily Mix & Match With Other Garment?   
                    - Time To Upgrade To A Better Material?
I would highly recommend everyone to go through the list and the chart below, because I can almost promise you, that somewhere inside your closet as you were doing your closet cleaning, you will either found unexpected treasure or loaded of junk. But in the end, it will be absolutely rewarding after you done. And I must admit as I cleaned my closet last week, I managed to found a good amount of garments(9 T-shirts/4 blouses/2 skirts/3 dresses/3 pair of shoes and some jewelries that I worn during high school). I end up donated all to the salvation. And you know what they say: one man's trash is another's treasure. So, if you feel like going in a cleaning mode this week, and looking for a girls date idea at the house(invited them to your house with bottle of wine), this could be super fun for everyone- Yup, just like the episode at Sex In The City. ~ Stay Fashionable. Stay Elegant. 

Source From BuzzFeed

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