Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Fashion Trend - Just Bead It

Happy Tuesday! The 87th Oscars award was surly a hell of a party. What makes the award fun and enchantment was to watch our favorite movies celebrities take the gold statutes home, moreover, it's always pleasant to looked at actors and actresses all glam up.

The fashion trend for this year’s Oscars were heavily used feminine elements such as the pastel colors(lot of pastel pink); many sexy open back designs and of course the beads. Pastel is pretty and elegant, but for me, I am more a huge fans of texture, such as gowns that makes with lace and bead, it is simply sparkly and it have this expensive look.

Just like the gown that Lupita Nyong’o worn last night, did you know it actually took more than 6000 pearls to make that statement white pearls gown. There is no doubt that The Pearl gown was absolutely flattering and looks amazing on Lupita. Not to mention, the red lace shoulder less gown that Rosamund Pike worn in the Red Carpet were just stunning; bright red color, high split and the lace texture are the perfect combinations for created the perfect gown.

For later this week, I will recreate a blog post that use the Oscars gown elements into the daily life. So stay tune!

Stay fashionable. Stay

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